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Bunnies [444 words]

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Default Bunnies [444 words]

Hello. So this is what happens why I try and write something totally happy and positive. Oh dear. I might stick to negativity in future.
One day there was a lovely little rabbit called Bibbins. His family of bunnies were hungry and there were no carrots. So Bibbins ventured out into the sunshine and found a load of carrots in the farmerís field. Big fat juicy ones, ready to harvest. Bibbins ate a few of the carrots and ran back to tell the others all about the field full of carrots. They all followed Bibbins back there and they had a lovely time eating lots of carrots together. They fucking loved it.

But Bibbins the bunny stopped and thought about it: Once these carrots are gone, thatís it, there wonít be any more. Wouldnít it be nice if there were enough carrots for all of them and their baby rabbits forever? Bibbins considered this notion. He told the rabbits to stop eating. Every bunny stopped munching. They stared at him open mouthed with chewed bits of carrot hanging out.

Bibbins said they must find where the carrots came from in the first place, so that they could make carrots appear in future all by themselves. This way they would be able to feed themselves forever with no problems. He explained this idea to the other bunnies and they fucking loved it.

All we have to do, he said, is figure out how to drive a tractor and plant some seeds. The bunnies were confused and Bibbins had to explain what a tractor was, and what seeds were. But when he did, they fucking loved it.

Bibbins was a clever bunny.

He and the bunnies watched the tractor carefully over the next few days. It did not seem to do very much but they knew the carrots only appeared after the tractor had been in the field.

And so one night Bibbins the bunny led an army of bunnies to steal the tractor. The plan was to search for a portal somewhere under it where the carrot seeds come from. It wasnít there, so they hopped up the wheels and into the cabin. With no sign of carrots or seeds, and they were all starting to think it was a waste of time. Also, the seat smelled funny.

Bibbins hopped on the dashboard and accidentally nudged a switch with his rump. On came the radio with music and talking and strange whiny sounds.

As they hopped and grooved and made wicked shapes to the pulsing techno beats, the carrots didnít seem to matter anymore. They were having too much fun to worry about that. And so instead of searching for poxy carrots they had a full-on dance party instead, with Bibbins the bunny at the controls. They fucking loved it.

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Ha ha ha! They fucking loved it.
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Best thing I've read in a while.
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