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The Jackpot

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Old 09-14-2017, 06:58 PM
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Default The Jackpot

During the cold winter nights, my friends and I sought shelter in a building in my neighborhood to play cards. We always chose one particular building because it had a long, hot radiator which kept the hallway and us warm. We played cards for money, not a lot of money because we were thirteen- and fourteen-years-old and didn't have a lot of it. Most of us entered a card game with not more than three dollars to gamble away.

While we sat in a circle on the tile floor in the hallway, we kept our money, mostly change consisting of nickels and dimes and quarters, in front of us. It was a convenience for us to keep the money on the floor because nobody wanted to keep reaching into his pocket to dig out change every minute to make a bet. Therefore, keeping the money on the floor was necessary to make the game flow at a nice pace.

One night, while we were playing, we were making too much noise and a tenant telephoned the police to complain about us. When two detectives responding to the complaint quietly entered the building to catch us off guard, we had no time to scoop up our money from the floor. The cops immediately ordered us to stand and to move against the hallway wall. All eight of us rose at the same time and formed a line against the wall.

With all of us now facing the cops, one of the detectives told us to turn around to face the wall. In unison, we swung around to stare at the filthy wall and stood there a few minutes until the other cop ordered us to turn again to face the two of them. When we turned around, the first thing all of us noticed was that our money on the floor was missing. The two cops had swiped about fifteen dollars in change.

Still lined up against the wall and now facing the two detectives, we waited for their next move. And it came rather quickly. One cop pulled a black book and a pen from his pocket and began asking us our names. He went from one to the other, jotting down the fake names we were providing. Finished writing our aliases in his book, he then chased us out of the building. Into the cold night without any money, we were tossed. It was a losing night for all of us, except the cops. They hit the jackpot.

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Grace Gabriel (09-15-2017)
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("...liked it..." went the goblin as if to prove that he had read it then)
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Cityboy (09-15-2017)
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Missed you City x
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Cityboy (09-15-2017)
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Ha ha!


I love these kinds of stories, the ones that sound like they really happened. Doesn't matter if they're fiction (I suspect this one isn't), but that it sounds real.

Good work.
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Cityboy (09-16-2017)
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very well-worded. kinda quirky ending! nice piece! is this based on real-to-life events? k, ciao. <3

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