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The capricious movement

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Default The capricious movement

of life

Here I sit eating a fig (mmm, tasty) that has come
all the way from Turkey. Now it only needs to
travel a few more feet before coming to its
final resting place (via the public sewage system)
in America.

Mmmm- eatin' another one.

How is it a high school drop out is in an air conditioned
room scribblin' away on his lunch half hour and
gettin' paid while doing it?

I dunno.

Certainly wasn't in any plans I ever made.
Most of my effort has been (and is) devoted to
stayin' clear of scuffles and incarceration.

The environment moves.
I move.

The activity could be likened to a tree's motion
in a wind and a bird hopping and flitting
amongst it's branches.

Oh, I know what you're thinkin':

Nick Pierce is comparin' himself to a bird.

Well, that is partly it.
Why not the tree, also?
And the air - the breeze?

The earth base intertwined with roots?

"The only limitations one has are those one places
upon oneself or allows another to place upon

Morehouse Maxim

So - I gotta wonder - the Pres is cool w/ the
Turkey ruler (so far) and does that mean figs
will not be subjected to increased tariff?

Who knows.

I know I'm gonna chew the next one
much slower.

Hey - I still got ten minutes of lunch
time left and I'm at the page

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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