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Beauty creek

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jack lee (Offline)
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Default Beauty creek

“Get off my back! You bloody pig and stinky parasite! Go to die in a shithouse!”One handsome young man shouted at one fatty tall girl. Everyone turns to look at what is going on. The fatty girl covers her face with both hands, tears quickly run down her face like heavy rainfall. Then she withers her tall frame, rushes out of dancing floor and the bar like a rabbit, she disappears in the early morning street in no time.
She calls herself ‘beauty’, a name which she thought only invented for herself. After all, her frame is tall, looks solid and strong; her hair is blonde, shinier than gold; her lips are red and full of moisture, more enticing than a strawberry; her moves are always in a good rhythm, as charming as an angel walking on the moon. And there is more to list, star eyes, willow eyebrows, ruddy face, and snow-white skin and so on so forth, she is too beautiful for me to describe. She has all the best qualities you can find in a lady. But in this democratic society, everyone has an opinion, many decent gentlemen find her a little bit over limit in size, she is in odd with fashion, maybe she is in a wrong time frame. She has a good taste for delicacies, favours chocolates, yogurts, candies and sausages, etc. all these goodies helped her to grow taller and wider. Of cause, when many gentlemen did not really like her, they start to hate her, they became misogynistic. In the depth of the night, the most deadly barbs finally shot her, and she was fatally wounded.
Beauty escapes to home, hides under bed, tears still fall like rain. She lies on her back to the ground and sobs uncontrollably; she is choked by sobs a few times, she feels her heart is bleeding. Now she wants to die. She crawls out, finds a piece of string, she ties up one end to a light fitting, and turns other end into a noose, she stands on a chair, extends her head into the noose, then she kicks the chair away. ‘Thump’, she finds herself on the ground again, pains shoot up from her bottoms and neck. She realizes she failed to die. She knows now the well trodden hanging is faulty, she might have to invent a new way of dying.
Suddenly, she hears a soothing voice calling her name. The voice is very calm and crystal clear. She lifts up her head, sees a kangaroo’s image on the wall and the kangaroo is talking to her. ” Beauty, my name is Ken. I help people to achieve their goals by hardworking. Do not do anymore silly things, listen to me carefully. I will help you to get fit first and then you can find your best match.”
Beauty stops crying and asks:”how to do that?”
“Beauty, there is a place called Beauty Creek, it is about ten miles up Greenmount. You go up there every day. Every time you arrive, I will reward you a cup of beauty water to drink. This water will make you the most beautiful girl in the world. But you must arrive before 8 am to get a full cup of water. The later you arrive, the lesser water you will get. Do you want to try it?”
“Yes, Ken, I will do that, I promise you. I will not be late. Thank you and thank you!”
“Goodbye, see you again Beauty.”Kangaroo Ken vanishes.
Beauty jumps up in joy, she frolics in the room, then moves out of the door, dances and pats around a palm tree, leaps to a money tree, starts talking to the voluptuous leaves.
After half hour of talking with money tree leaves, she realizes she has to get things ready for a new life, she keeps herself busy with clothes and shoes and two alarm clocks, and she sets two alarm clocks to 5 am. She is very excited for the whole day and night; imagining herself appears in a ball, surrounded by admirers. She cannot sleep until four in the morning.
When she wakes up, the sun has fully risen. She is terrified to find her two alarm clocks have failed. One lost power, another was set to 5 pm. She is shocked, her eyes move from one alarm clock to another and onto the bright sunlight. It dawns on her that she will not get her full cup of beauty water today. But she is eager to keep her promise, determined to do her best, she really want to get whatever is left. She quickly gets dressed, burst out of her door and springs into a sprint. She does not get far, she suffers a fall, bruised her hands and knees. She gets up, starts walking. The day is breezy, but she is feeling a stove on her back soon, sweat is flooding all over her body. Her legs are telling her to go back, but her mind orders her to go on. The red tailed cockatoos are laughing out loud from lilac trees, but she keeps on track, pushes herself to do whatever she can.
She finally comes to Beauty Creek by the lunch time; and earned a few painful blisters for her feet. She is so thirty, she wants to drink up all the water in the creek; she is so tired, she wants to end everything right now. Meanwhile, she is happy to be here, she has done it anyway.
The kangaroo Ken appears, sitting on a stone comfortably, holding a cup with little water in it. “You are late, but better than never, I will give you two drops of water today.” Ken said seriously.
Beauty bows her head and says:”sorry, I was too excited, I could not sleep, my alarm clocks went wrong, I will do my best next time.”
“Good effort, keep up, you will not disappoint me. Now, drink this, this will help you.”Ken smiles and extends his hand with cup.
Beauty bows again, moves forward and gets hold of the cup with both hands. She looks into it, there is basically nothing, but she drinks it down greedily. She moves her feet, there is no more blisters and her legs are no longer painful. Beauty is ecstatic. She wants to hug Ken, but he has disappeared. Beauty goes home in bliss.
Since the first taste of beauty water, Beauty is hooked. Every day, she gets up about 4am, walks and runs as fast as possible to the creek, sits there and waits for her day’s water. Soon, she becomes very fit, strong and slender. She starts to check herself out in front of mirror, dances back and forth. She is very happy for herself.
One day, on the way home, she notices frangipani is in bloom, the fragrant smell stops her to check out. There are many bees around the flowers, she carefully pulls out one flower with stalk, gently tucks it into her hair, and she is back on her track. When she reaches home, she keeps the flower on her dressing table. The very next day, it smells even more delicious and no sign of withering. She is surprised, and gladly tucks it into her hair again. When she passes the frangipani tree, some bees come to follow her. She feels lonely sometimes, does not really mind that. The magic is: the flower never withers, Beauty never fails to wear it, and the bees are obliged to follow her every day. Beauty and frangipani and bees form a new spectacle, it is a very pleasant sight for locals to see.
One brave guy named Cary finds her interesting, takes into his head to flirt with her. ’hey, young lady, where are you going to?”Cary calls out from wayside one morning.
Maybe his tone is too flirtatious, Beauty frowns her eyebrows. But it is really sweet for the bees; they love to make some honey out of him. So the bees swarm over, give him a lot of hot kisses. Cary flees in horror, never comes close again.
One flock of dingoes occupied this area lately, they observed her movement as well. The chief of the dingoes is called Wilson. He is extremely cunning, always hides behind something and watches out for targets, he prefers to study his enemy well before attacking. He is very successful in his raids, and he bought himself a pair of expensive sunglasses. That covers up his greedy and vicious eyes and makes him very mysterious. He is highly decorated as well. His sides are pierced with cobra’s heads, that deco gives him a dangerous and deadly veneer. When he saw Beauty for the first time, his saliva was flowing like a little stream. One day, he summons fellow dingoes and says:”that girl is very insolent, did not even come to acknowledge us, there is no hope she is going to pay any tax. Because I think she is a liar, she will not give away a cent. But she has to pay, and the price is her very life. I will devour that delicious girl tomorrow morning, you all can sit and watch my success. And I will grant you guys some pieces to share with.” Every dingo is gay at once, they longs to have a fair share of the spoil without taking any risk. So, they all cheer for his future success and set their minds dreaming of a great feast.
The next morning, when Beauty passes dingo Wilson’s hiding place, Wilson leaps out with his mouth wide open. His body is too grand. He tries to reach his top speed, but his legs are not listening. His saliva flows too freely, dripping and flying everywhere around him. While running, he shouts:”pay me your little shameless sassy, you use my land without paying, give me something or I will bite you.”
Before his tongue licks Beauty, his body are stung by a few bees. Wilson jumps up metres high, falls onto a tree and then to the ground, his expensive sunglasses are crushed, and he was injured in the process. But more bees are coming at him, he turns to run away. Beauty was shocked at first, and then she felt angry. She picks up a little stone from the ground, throws it after fleeing Wilson. Her throw is so powerful, the stone lodges into Wilson’s ass. Wilson groans in terrible pains, and tucks his tail under his legs and limps away as fast as he can. His fellow dingoes saw it all from a distance, had a hearty laugh at him. Wilson feels ashamed, leaves his flock, goes into hiding, but Wilson’s injuries are too serious, and he surrenders himself to animal lovers soon. They cure him and vow to avenge for his suffering. So, girls and guys watch out, dingo Wilson and his fellows are out somewhere, ready to bite weak targets.
More people knew about Beauty now, they congregate on the way to Beauty Creek every morning, and watch Beauty doing her daily ritual. If someone dares to harass Beauty, the bees will metre out punishment accordingly. Beauty is happy to see the bees guard her against all evils, but she now thinks more about her match, and is getting worried.
Beauty’s story takes on wings, quickly spreads all over the world. She becomes a legend. She is famed for having a head of gold thread hair, bright star eyes, charming moon smile, she runs like wind, talks like an angel, smells like flowers. Just get a good look at her, the observer can be happy forever.
In the northern part of the earth, there is a Prince Charm. He is as bright as the sun, tall and muscular. He is favoured by whole universe. He carries a magic guitar. The tune out of the magic guitar can dictate weather. When the tune is fierce, the thunder will strike; when the tune is smooth, his father land is in peace; when the tune is sad, and the whole country will be covered in clouds and rain. In recent years, Prince Charm did not find his match; his tune is always in blue, so his country is suffering from wet condition. Someone reports Beauty’s story to him. He is very excited. He thinks Beauty might be a better half for him. He cannot wait to see her.
He picks up his magic guitar and gets on a cloud bird. In an instant, he has arrived at Beauty Creek. He walks a few miles down, finds a flat area on the way, sits down and starts making a happy tune.
Immediately, all the animals and birds come out and dance to his rhythm. They move in unison around Prince Charm. It is a spectacular sight to see.
When Beauty comes within sight, the animals and birds open up a way for her, and then they quickly close the way behind her. Now Beauty is facing Prince Charm. Beauty is amazed by the tune and the sight. She is barely able to move. Prince Charm is in a jolly mood, starts to send out more exciting tune, and he sings:”the sun rise from east of the earth and set in west, the sun and the earth always move in pair, they go around each other in a ring.”
Beauty is struck by the tune and lyrics. The tune reminds her of the sound of Beauty Creek, the lyrics have told the lonesome feeling in her heart. Prince Charm stands up, starts playing and dancing like wind. Beauty collects herself together, decides to impress. She steps forward and pitches in:”the cloud pushes herself higher and higher, she always try to get closer to the blue sky, when she fails to meet him at right place, she will let her tears fly.”
Prince Charm joins in again:“I come from northern land, where my luck is poor, your fertile land will have excellent harvest, if you can accept my helping hand.”
Beauty picks up again: “I have suffered too much pains, I have met with too many foul plays. I am saving up for my dream lover, so I can be happy forever.”
The bees suddenly swarm over Prince Charm. Beauty thinks they are going to sting her prince, she screams:”don’t!”But she was wrong, Prince Charm calmly plays his guitar, the bees dump all their honey on Prince Charm’s head, and then hover above of them back and forth.
Prince Charm stops dancing, starts moving towards Beauty, and Beauty’s tears swell up in her eyes, rushes over to Prince Charm for a taste of honey.

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I think this is a charming story that shows a lot of creative imagination. But it does need more work. Spend a little time editing and you will have a great story.
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I might go back and have more input into it. some sections do need expansion.
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