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A piece I just wrote...

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Old 07-05-2012, 11:26 AM
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Icon10 A piece I just wrote...

Warmth to my heart ~ By: Miya The Writer

Writing and watching the story come to life in my very own mind. As my fingers pound away at the keys before them. That pleasurable clicking noise they make as sentences are then turned to paragraphs and soon a whole story. I can't quite describe the feeling...it's like a flame being lit within my heart, the warmth it brings can not even be bested by a fire from my own living room fireplace...This is the THRILLS and SATISFACTION of a writer's job!! THIS SENSE OF LIFE WE AS WRITERS CREATE!!

(Give me your thoughts on this piece that in my eyes is gold.)

"Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about!"
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Originally Posted by Eurlo View Post
Warmth to my heart ~ By: Miya The Writer
I can't quite describe the feeling...
You don't have to.
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("...your best post yet for you are here this time..." went the goblin welcoming Eurlo again, adding "...I can relate to it too, save that for me my elation to anything is not so much at the work's creation as to its completion, the moment where I know I cannot change it further...", oft times the goblin wrote not so much to write but to slow down within, just to ponder then, and then to write it out of himself seeing the residue of those reflections he had had, saying "...odd that anonymity means honesty here, I mean yes I would prefer that the reader likes what I write but I never actually need him to like it now, I'm not for sale here, no books to flog nor links to those elsewheres then, instead this writing simply becomes a journey to me, my journey to self as I call it, really it's nothing more than me trying to know who I am by what I post I suppose, just a constant triangle formed by an open slot, a coffee, and an old man, all that it will ever be I suppose...")

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