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The Intellectual Table is Re-opened.

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Old 03-22-2016, 06:30 AM
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Default The Intellectual Table is Re-opened.

The Intellectual Table is re-opened.

With its re-opening, all political, religious and other discussions of a contentious nature will be limited to the ‘Table. If someone posts a written piece that has a political component, (in the “Write Here Sub-Forums) it is requested that the response in on the writing itself and not the political, religious or other aspects.

The Writer’s Café will go back to a “general” forum. Things that should go into Intellectual Table discussions that are posted in the Writer’s Café will be moved or deleted at Staff’s discretion.

If you wish to gain access:
A. Please read and familiarize yourself here: http://forums.writersbeat.com/faq.php

B. Read or re-read and familiarize yourself here:

The Intellectual Table will return!

After a hiatus of more than a year, the Intellectuals Table will return to Writer’s Beat. There will be a three month trial period, after which Staff will decide if the Intellectual’s Table returns for good.

1. There is an inclination for it to be more relaxed and free form than the rest of the forum. This is not an invitation for bad behavior. In the past there were people who could frequent the main forums but not allowed at the Table. Don’t be those people. Reading the rules and FAQs provided will offer a lot of guidance about expected behavior.

2. The Intellectuals Table used to drive a lot of discussion. We are looking forward to that again. At the same time, we would like to see participants also writing actively. (Or at least post the occasional piece)

3. The Intellectuals table will deal with Religious, Political and Social discourse and discussion. (Along with other things) Even when these things are discussed in a respectful manner, there are some people that are easily offended. If you are easily offended, or a person that seeks offense, real or imagined, then the Intellectuals Table will not be a good place to spend your time. If you are a person whose arguments are weak and you employ the “moving the goal posts” strategy, don’t get upset if you get called out on it.

4. Try to keep these discussions on Topic. For example – imagine that a thread topic is a comparison of Baptists versus Catholic denominations of the Christian Faith. The typical “Lol, I’m and atheist and It’s all a fairy tale” posts might be considered not on topic, and probably removed. Also, a mild barb here and there might slide through, but attack the argument and not the member posting the argument.

5. Although there will be an inclination to be more relaxed (see #1) there is the distinct possibility that Staff will have to step in here or there. If Staff edits your post – please leave it in its edited form. Changing it back doesn’t hurt or spite the staff, but it will get you a time out.

6. When Staff instructs a member or members about behavior it is not up for discussion or interpretation. If you feel that you have been singled out or that you haven’t broken any rules, the proper venue to query or protest is PM (Personal Mail) and not in thread.

7. In the past, there have been members that reported other members not for rules infractions, but because they thought an offered opinion was hurtful or dangerous. See #3. Don’t be that person. If a member reports another member over something that is not a rules violation Staff will first gently point them in the proper direction. Repeatedly violating this directive could mean a temporary or full time ban.

There may be other rules or injunctions added as we go along. We hope not, because it would mean that a portion of the membership participating in these free form debates is not acting in a manner consistent with our expected behavior. Don’t make us “go there”.

C. If you have read all this and want to participate, send a PM to a person on staff, stating that you have read everything and know what’s required to participate (plus a sense of humor) and you will be given a password.

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