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Coming to town

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Default Coming to town

This is somewhat related to http://www.writersbeat.com/showthread.php?t=28892

Johnny's brother investigates his death and eventually discovered some dirty secrets, its still incomplete and this is the start for now:

Walking in the park was no walk in the park, especially when the walk wasnít even in the park, even more so when youíre running instead. Running away from an angry man and cornered into an abandoned school is indeed not a walk in the park. It was a dark night, the moon cannot be seen, in fact nothing can be seen, complete darkness, a pitch black abyss of a school. I ran until I couldnít, stumbling over steps, slamming into doors and tumbling over chairs, it was dark, cold too but I didnít notice, not with my heart pumping at two times the usual speed, besides, all I could think about was keeping the camcorder safe, clutching it in my hands I proceeded. Into the darkest corner of the darkest class on the darkest level I hid, curled into a foetal ball, praying.

I can hear him coming up the stairs. Heavy boots pounding, steadily inching towards the class Iím hiding in. I must have been breathing too loudly; he enters, raises a bell and gives it a light jingle, signalling his sinister presence. He turned towards my corner as the lightning flashed a sudden flash, revealing every detail of the one after my life. His silhouette, a stumpy figure shaped like a pear, it was surprising he could catch up with me, 19 and a velociraptor of a track athlete. His disgusting form covered in a thick red costume with white fur trimmings at the end, his belly barely bound by a black belt at its limits. He wore a matching red hat which drooped down by the side of his head with a white fur ball at its end. His cheeks a rosy red among the white of his thick eyebrows and large bushy beard, his beard opened to reveal a smile so kind and warm one would never suspect foul play, the signature smile which achieved international acclaim, the smile of Santa Claus.

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