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The game within the game...

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Default The game within the game...

I settled in with my chips and dips and cold beer. Dressed in my Steeler garb with remote in hand I flicked to the game. Aguilera screwed up the National Anthem. Honestly, that girl must be a true blonde. Holy cow!

The game began. Me and my dog, he has a Steeler sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, looks pretty tough for a Boston Terrier, grinned and nodded knowingly at each other. We're use to winning.

Didn't take long before I was screaming and cussing at the tv. The dog was growling and stomping his paws. He gets into it. Things calmed down right before halftime. We scored and cut the deficit to eleven points. Whew, what a relief. Halftime was so so. We downed a few beers and reassured each other that our Steelers would come out smoking. They did and man we were jumping for joy and fist to paw bumping like crazy. I had to let him out to pee. He wasn't gone long but long enough for the Packers to score. I let him but I didn't have the heart to tell him what happened.

Sure as shit he saw the score on tv. He looked at me and squinted his eyes. I looked away and casually whistled like I didn't know what had happened. He was pissed and made me get him another beer and more chips. He is a man of few words but I think I heard him mumbe, "bastard" while I was in the fridge getting his beer. I let it go.

The game ebbed and flowed. Our nerves were on edge. I had to get on him for a minute. He farted and looked at me like I did it. "No way buster! That way you," I told him. We scored and joy erupted in the house. Chips got spilled but what the hell, it's a party. More beer.

Well, the clock was winding down and our Steelers had one last gasp at glory. We knew they could do it. They'd done it before. There it was, that final pass. It was swatted away and the Packers won.

I fell to the floor and wept. Yes, I wept like a girl. He pawed me trying to console me. I could see he was holding back the tears. My dignity shattered I stood and wiped my eyes and turned off the tv. Together we sat in the recliner drinking beer and consoling each other. It got to him and he finally let the tears flow. I held him and told him, wait till next year. It helped, a little.

He asked me if I was going to pay my debt to Firefly. I mulled it over and told him I had no choice. After all she does have a red snuggie and she could make life for me here on the forum a bit difficult. Don't kid yourself, the woman is power hungry.

So now the season is over. I cleaned up our mess and put away our Steeler garb. He was sullen so I thought I would make him a ham and cheese omelet for breakfast. He loves them.

I was surpirsed when I saw him picking out the cheese and putting it aside on the floor. "You don't like cheese anymore," I asked forgetting his pain from our loss the Packers?

As I walked away to pour myself another cup of coffee I swear I heard him mumble..fuck Wisconsin. Some people take their sports way too seriously.

"Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy." Fitzgerald

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Does this help you get it out of your system, Gaines. I hope so.
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I recommend counseling...or maybe another beer.

It was a shame the National Anthem got screwed up. Poor Christina, quite a tragic thing for an American to live down.
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