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Something different: Text for the new website of my hostel

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Icon2 Something different: Text for the new website of my hostel

Ok, so here is the text I'm planning to use for the new site of my hostel. I know this is something unusual to be posting here, but I appreciate any candid feedback on what you read. The blue are links, the green are going to be highlighted text boxes..

Read it! ...

Hostel Manaus was opened in 2006 by an Australian with the idea that the first hostel of the Amazon's interior, would not only be well priced, centrally located, and provide easy access to the jungle with the most recommended tours in town. But more importantly, would become a meeting place, a hub for travelers from around the world, drawn together by the need to "touch base", and express a common intrigue in arguably the most important ecological treasure on the planet....
Since then, with unprecedented media and guide book recommendations, Hostel Manaus has grown to become the largest and most sort after hostel of the entire Amazon region. And, despite contending with its fair share of copycat hostels over the years, the original Hostel Manaus, proudly continues to include a host of services such as an unlimited breakfast and free Wi-Fi internet access, while guaranteeing the very lowest Hostelling International dorm rates in the entire country.

The Hostel

The Hostel

"..our travelers were delighted with their stay at this charming Hostel."
Discovery Channel: Travel and Living, 2010 (Most watched travel channel in the world)

Hostel Manaus is located in one of the towns original residences, built during the rubber boom of early last century. The heritage listed site, with its high ceilings, chandeliers and polished wood floors, has been adapted to cater for a range of travelers, from individuals to groups of up to 80, while preserving the homely feel and charm of the buildings original ambience.

Our friendly, handpicked, staff at reception are available 24hrs, with local information you won't find in your guide book or online.

Built for comfort and privacy, our spacious dorms and private rooms come complete with en-suites, custom built furniture, and generous locker space for worry free storage of belongings. To suit the tropical climate, the hostel is of an 'open air' design, from the high windows of the historical facade, to the architecturally designed wood covering out back, which stretches upwards from there to include all three levels of the hostel in its shade.

You will find our famous rooftop patio on the fourth floor of the hostel, with hammock space, skylights and spectacular panoramic views of the city surrounding.

With guest use laundry and kitchen, safe long term luggage storage, and open dining patio areas, you won't be disappointed with what's on offer. So whether its joining the party up there on the roof, or just stretching out for a movie in the living area, you will find your space here at Hostel Manaus.

'.. you also get lockers, luggage storage, kitchen access and internet service at Hostel Manaus'
The Lonely Planet Brazil, 2011

Hostel Manaus offers both broadband internet terminals and fast Wi-Fi connection.
Bring your Notebook or PDF to make use our unlimited Wi-Fi internet service, available 24hrs in all rooms and 100% free to our guests.

"Hostel Manaus has better breakfast, service and overall ambience.. "
The Lonely Planet Brazil, 2011

At hostel Manaus you will enjoy the best hostel breakfast Manaus has to offer, not to mention a host of other services you might be surprised to find are available here at our hostel, including unlimited air conditioner use, complementary towel and bed linen, and for those doing a jungle tour, regardless of which company you book with, secure locker space big enough for your whole backpack, at no extra charge.

Take a look at what else is on offer at our hostel...
---------followed by a list of facilities at the hostel -----------


" ..a big, beautiful house with internal gardens and rooftop patios."
Routard Brazil, 2010 (Most popular French guide book to Brazil)

Click here to see more photos and videos of hostel at the recommendations page. Include link

HI Affiliation

'.. a very good HI hostel in colonial house with clean dorms and private rooms'
Stephan Loose Brazil, 2010 (Most popular German guide book to Brazil)

Hostel Manaus was the first hostel in the city center to be accredited by Hostelling International, who's worldwide recognized symbol, indicates a high standard in guest reception, cleanliness, security and comfort.
Categorized with the highest possible rating by HI, we are one of the few hostels in Brazil to be implementing the new HI-Q standard of service, a system of quality that goes beyond normal HI standards.

The price

The price

'Hostel Manaus has excellent value dorm and private rooms.'
Footprint South America, 2010

At Hostel Manaus you'll enjoy some of the best room rates that Manaus has to offer. And we guarantee you will not find better dorm room prices in the entire Brazilian HI network.
Take a look at the HI advertised prices for Brazil. If you find a cheaper dorm price than ours, let us know and we will match it. This links to the affiliates page.
We don't increase our prices in the high season. Nor do we skimp on services like the breakfast or air conditioner use. We strive to give our guests the very best deal possible. Our in-house laundry service for example, at just 25 Reais per load, is cheaper than local laundromats.
And as always, bed linen, towel use, luggage storage, and unlimited 24hr Wi-Fi internet connection are all free of charge at our hostel.

Room Rates

"Hostel Manaus stands out for its communal atmosphere and good price"
Emporium magazine, 2009 (Most popular lifestyle magazine in Manaus)

----Here are the rates etc--------

The HI discount
Hostelling International is the largest accommodation network in the world! With almost a hundred HI hostels nationally, and over 4500 affiliated hostels worldwide, chances are there will be an HI hostel at your next destination.
Besides great accommodation prices, HI members receive discounts on travel, entertainment, museums, culture and retail outlets. Don't put off buying your HI card any longer.
Cards are available at our reception at a cost of 40 Reais, can be used worldwide and are valid for a period of one year.

The tour

Jungle Tour

'Hostel Manaus is a great place to join a jungle tour.'
Footprint South America, 2010

With his office based at the hostel, our exclusive tour operator, Antonio Gomes has been working with Hostel Manaus since day one. Antonio combines his knowledge of the region with almost 25 years experience in jungle tourism. His friendly, honest approach to tour operation has earned him an excellent reputation in Manaus and beyond, and to date, he is the only jungle tour company recommended by the Hostel.

For the safety of its guests and to preserve the reputation of its name, Hostel Manaus does not allow other tour operators to sell their tours inside the hostel.

Antonio's tour is based 200km from Manaus, in a relatively isolated area of the surrounding Amazon jungle, along the winding banks of the Urubu river. This part of the jungle, thankfully free of mosquitoes, due to the alkaline nature of the water is also one of the best areas for swimming, with beaches and waterfalls located up and down stream. As you arrive at Antonio's lodge by motorized canoe the first thing you will notice is the famous jungle tower, raising up over the canopy. From the fourth floor you are able to get your bearings of the surrounding area, the view stretching well upstream, and over distant layers of rain forest.

Since most guests prefer not to take bulky backpacks on the tour, Hostel Manaus provides secure luggage storage while you are away. Bring a padlock to make use of this free service.

Antonio's lodge is unique among lodges of its type. Built in the authentic style of the Cabolco, using palm leafs for the roofs and other local material for the floors and walls. With en suite bathrooms, hammock space, lockers, generous veranda areas, restaurant, bar, and floating sun deck, you could be forgiven for wanting to spend most of your time there at the lodge. But Antonio's native, multilingual guides are there offering a host of activities to get you out and exploring the surrounding jungle including..

Canoeing through the flooded forests
Meeting native families
Spear fishing
Cayman handling
Piranha and Peacock Bass fishing
Jungle handicraft
Night walks
Dolphin spotting

For the more adventurous, you can plan a trek with one or more overnight stays in the jungle. Hiking through virgin rain forest with your guide, you will come to learn about jungle survival, including..

Animal spotting
Navigating safely through the terrain
Constructing a jungle shelter
Making implements from forest materials
Identifying plants and Jungle medicine
Lighting a fire under damp conditions
Jungle cooking.

Sleeping out over night in your hammock, surrounded by the sounds of deep jungle, is an experience not to be missed, and made possible with Antonio's tour by the lack of mosquitoes in this unique region.

Year after year, Antonio's tour has received glowing reviews from guide books for his work in tourism. Just recently the Lonely Planet Brazil, 2011 put him at the top of the list for tours out of Manaus. The Rough Guide gave Antonio the 'Author's Choice.' And the writer of the French guide book 'Routard' gives a personal recommendation of his tour and jungle lodge.
You've come a long way to see the real Amazon Jungle and Antonio's tour is quite simply the best backpacker jungle tour package Manaus has to offer.

Transport from the airport to the hostel is free for those who have booked a jungle tour with Antonio in advance.

For more information, talk to Antonio or one of his assistants about the tour.

One day tour

'A recommended tour operator has its main office in Hostel Manaus'
Lonely Planet Brazil, 2011

For those with less time on their hands, Antonio can arrange a one day tour to see the famous 'Meeting of the waters', and pink river dolphins. The tour also includes a visit to the Janauari ecological park where you will enjoy a short jungle walk along raised platform, and a motorized canoe tour of surrounding creeks. There you will see the giant Vitoria Regia water lilies and some of the native animals and birdlife of the area. Lunch is served on a floating restaurant.
For more information, talk to Antonio or one of his assistants about the tour.

The location

The location

"Good location… central and quiet."
Footprint South America, 2010

“Right in the city center, yet located on a quiet street.”
Quatro Rodas, 2010 (Most popular Brasilian travel guide)

Hostel Manaus enjoys a unique location in the downtown area, set back from the bustle of traffic on a historical residential street, yet just one block from the city's central park, and within easy walking distance of everything downtown, including Museums, historical markets and the Teatro Amazonas, Opera House.

Hostel Manaus is truly the most centrally located Hostel in town. Of any hostel in Manaus, our guests enjoy the least walking distance to the eleven downtown tourist attractions listed in the Lonely Planet Brazil, 2011.

From our rooftop patio breakfast area, you'll enjoy privileged views of the famous Rio Negro Palace, arguably the most beautiful of all historical buildings in Manaus, not to mention a spectacular panorama of the old center and surrounding suburbs.

Hostel Manaus was recognized as a "Top Rated Hostel for South America", in its very first year of operation by Hostel World, with 'Location' voted by travelers as its number one feature

At night, student bars, night clubs, and cafes of the downtown area are just meters from our front door. And the main bus line to the airport and all points of interest outside of the city center is just a block away, along the safest and most active avenue in the downtown area.

"... close to the Opera House, and better still, with direct views of the Palacio Rio Negro."
Emporium magazine, 2009 (Most popular lifestyle magazine in Manaus)

Whether arriving by taxi, bus, or on foot. Hostel Manaus is easy to find and easy to get to.
----Here its shown how to arrive-----

Copy-cat Hostels

'It’s a bit fishy that "Manaus Hostel 'Trip Tour" has practically the same name as the Original Hostel Manaus and quite a few travelers have ended up there by mistake.'
The Lonely Planet Brazil, 2011

'Hostel Manaus is not to be confused with a non-HI hostel in the city now using a similar name.'
Footprints South America, 2011

Since inauguration in 2006 as the first hostel in the city, Hostel Manaus has grown to become the largest and most sort after Hostel in the entire Amazon region. Unfortunately too, over the years we have had to contend with a number of Copy cat hostels, who use similar names to our own, often coupled with inflated prices or inferior services.

To make sure you arrive at the original Hostel Manaus, always look for the HI Symbol, and the Australian flag on the front door.

"Manaus Hostel Trip Tour" for example as it appears on its front door sign, also uses the name "Hostel Trip Tour" for its Hostel World listing and simply "Manaus Hostel" on its website, which until recent court proceedings was parked at the Brazilian version of our own domain. On the site, it claims to be "original", though admittedly not because it was the first hostel in the city to use the name, but because it’s a Brazilian owned establishment, as suggested by its slogan "Original because it’s Brazilian"
"Hotel Rondonia" also advertises as "Manaus Hostel Rondonia" online with a website baring resemblance to our own site in both text content and choice of domain name. The ‘hi’ included it its domain, as with our own, is a common abbreviation used to indicate a ‘Hostelling International’ hostel. "Manaus Hostel Rondonia" however has never been affiliated with the Hostelling International organization.


"Manaus is teeming with scammers.... Don't tell touts what accommodation you’re interested in, nor accept help in locating them"

The Lonely Planet Brazil, 2011

At the airport or on their way to our hostel, travelers may be approached by tour operators offering 'information' on accommodation and jungle tours. Since Hostel Manaus does not recommend these operators to our guests, they may try to convince you not to stay here.

Don't be mislead by false information. Come and see for yourself why Hostel Manaus is the very best option for travelers available in the city.

The hub

The Hub

"Hostel Manaus is the best place in town for meeting other travelers."
The Rough Guide to Brazil, 2009 and
Routard, 2010 (Most popular French guide book to Brazil)

More than just accommodation, Hostel Manaus is a hub for travelers, a meeting place to share information, ideas and travel experiences in a friendly, relaxed environment. We encourage a wealth of interaction and an exchange of culture, by welcoming travelers from all walks of life, regardless of budget, age or nationality. For this we are proud to have become the most popular hostel of the entire Amazon region.
As the hostel has grown, we have not lost sight of the need for our guests to stretch out and integrate, with no less than three open air patios, two spacious lounge areas, and leafy beer garden complete with bar and fruit trees.
Stay at Hostel Manaus and enjoy by far the most ‘living space’ per bed than any other hostel in the city.
With space for up to 80 people, you’re sure to see friends here from earlier on in your trip. There is simply no better place in town for hooking up with other travelers, to explore the city, hit the night life, or escape the heat to one of Manaus's river beaches.
If you are traveling alone, this is the best place in town to find a group of like minded travelers and plan your ultimate jungle adventure.

Guests Online
"Hostel Manaus is alive with travelers from all over the world, all year round"
Quatro Rodas, 2010 (Most popular Brazilian travel guide)

The largest rainforest on the planet is an immense, mysterious region, vast parts of which remain largely undiscovered. Here at the very heart of the jungle where the Amazon river is formed by the meeting of two giant river systems, many travelers are therefore amazed to discover Manaus to be a bustling, thriving metropolis of over two million people.
Just like the city in which it is located, Hostel Manaus is a way point, an intersection of culture and people from different regions.
Truly an international hub, over the years we have been lucky to receive guests from almost every corner the globe. The Amazon, one of the most unexplored regions on the planet, paradoxically draws a real cross section of culture to her center.
Our online guest page is an attempt to capture some of the wealth of culture and story from the huge flux of travelers we receive at the hostel each day. With each guests contribution, we hope to share new perspectives on this valuable region, and in doing so open up the lesser known parts of the Amazon.
----Here will appear the guest page----
Features and Recommendations

"Hostel Manaus is gaining a name among backpackers worldwide"
Emporium Magazine, 2008 (Manaus's most popular lifestyle magazine)

Hostel Manaus has been recommended year after year in almost every guide book covering the region, including The Lonely Planet, Footprint Travel Guides, and Quatro Rodas, the most popular travel guide in Brazil. Most of the local newspapers and national news broadcasters have done features on the hostel. Recognition has also spread to online travel sites, and both national and international television programs including Discovery Channel's, Travel and Living.
Take a look at some of the media attention which over the years, has made Hostel Manaus the most recommended hostel of the Amazon.

----insert logos of guide books etc-----


These are the links to almost 100 HI hostels operating in brazil, all offering discounts for guests with the HI membership card. (Link to 'The HI discount')
---then the list---

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