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Under your nose?

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Old 12-17-2015, 12:18 AM
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Default Under your nose?

Under your nose?

If it is truly peace you want to hear? Then lend me your ears and I will throw up two fingers, part them, and tell your damning words but, it’s not raining it’s just me towering above heltah Skeltah pissing in your ear! Let me make my democracy clear: I want your rights, your freedom, and to be standing on the backs of your weak as you worship my ideology out of fear. The fear that you know; that I desire a bloody messy war were the lines are blurred by blood in your eyes. To the point where sides are chaotic lines that you can’t prove I crossed. I’ll attack you so violently that it will put other in a state of shock and I won’t do it in the cloak of darkness. I’ll violate you my friend right in broad day light with all to see; repeatedly on a 24 hour loop of so-called news TV in HD or more graphically in 3D. This will pull all eyes in like a car crash on the side of the road that you can’t bare to look away, Paris,Ferguson,Benghazi,San Bernardino,Iraq, or the riots in L.A. Just a few to say.They’ll all clamor for more info, minute by minute with banners of “Breaking News to the point that facts don’t come quick enough for the starving fast-food viewers. So opinions will replace and fill the space, leading the story out of utter control until the facts are forgotten because there are too old; moldy. While opinions fly creating the news with sugary guesses by guest that begin narrating an alternative story till there are so many versions that the truth only becomes a conspiracy for the loose cannons to blast out and be quickly discredited by me.

Oh did you forget about me? A.D.D?..Oh you will! Your true assailant at this juncture now hiding in the dark shooting down the truth when I see its ugly head sprouting up like weeds; multitasking as I throw out other possible versions of the event, muddying the water to the point you can’t see the bottom which is actually shallow ground. Then just when you think all has heighten up to the brink, another story comes along and the fast food world follows the trails of breadcrumbs leading all away. This is my get away, as I walk away on the backs of your weak with your freedom, your rights, all under your nose as you unknowingly worship me and my ideology in fear. With piss still rolling out of your ear you can’t clearly see but, it looks like… me walking away with both hands up, two fingers on each hand parted, and chanting out repeatedly “I’m not a crook!
THE END? The unknown sith

Freedom of speech is great…until you say something I don’t like….

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