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The Dark Krypt

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The Dark Krypt

General. The Dark Krypt is searching for strong fiction with solid characters and plot that both scare and entertain. We welcome a wide variety of horror tales including subtle horror, psychological, supernatural, dark sci-fi, dark fantasy, and cross-genre (and some experimental). Tales are not restricted to serious horror, but may also be satirical. Stories featuring vampires, werewolves, serial killers, and the like, must have an original fresh twist and be particularly terrifying, interesting, and/or unusual to catch our attention and hold it. Rummage in the darkest recesses of your mind and find out what frightens you most -- even if it's funny. Have a good time writing the story from the edge of your seat and we’ll have fun reading it from the edge of ours.

We are also looking for dark art reflective of our content; inspirational, how-to, and industry news articles (including interviews) with a dark slant, fresh views and personal touches; book and author reviews.

We recommend you study the current issue before submitting to ensure your contribution is on target!

Let it be duly noted The Dark Krypt WILL NOT accept gore for gore's sake, chainsaw-hack-'em-up pulp, or pornographic material of any kind or in any form or under any circumstances!


1. Observe guidelines carefully! Anything outside the guidelines will be deleted unread!

2. Proofread! The editor doesn't mind small incidental corrections (we all overlook things), but if a rewrite or massive corrections are necessary, the mss will be deleted.

3. Always Include: a) real name and mailing address for payment purposes; b) a short bio for publication; c) payment preference (see Payment Policy below for details); or d) subject line of email -- Genre (fiction, poetry, etc.): Title of submission. If any of these is missing, the submission will be deleted unread.

4. Turn around time on submission currently runs between 6 and 8 weeks.

Contacts: C.L. Carnley (The Krypt Keeper), Editor
Richard A. Carnley, Art Director

Format and Submission: This category applies to all submissions. The Dark Krypt accepts email submissions only! The ezine retains one time electronic rights for two (2) months upon publication, after which time electronic rights revert back to the author/artist. The Dark Krypt archives its publication indefinitely -- a copy of the story as it appeared will be placed there. Beginning in November 2004 archives will be kept in PDF formats (each issue) and be available for sale to the public. Free ebook issues will be available to contributors. Due to size, the PDF will not be emailed. Please note the instructions for free PDF editions below. The story will not be reprinted without the author's express written permission. Should the submission be rejected, the electronic file will be destroyed.

Contributors download the PDF edition. Send an email including full name, and the story title that appeared in The Dark Krypt issue. Within 24 hours you will receive the free key.

Please observe the following when submitting:

NO SIMULTANEOUS SUMBISSION PLEASE! Authors who submit these submission will be noted and any future submissions will be unsumarily and automatically rejected. However, the editor will consider previously published stories (reprints), if a) proper prior credit is given, and b) at least one (1) year has passed since prior publication (please query first).

1. Do NOT paste manuscripts, poems, articles, or artwork into an email. PLEASE: attachments only -- zipped if large
2 . Do NOT use hard returns at the end of lines in manuscripts or articles (okay for poetry)*
3 .Do NOT space between paragraphs
4 . Do NOT use headers or footers: for captions, doc info, or page numbering (whether software tagged or manually typed)
5 . Do NOT use HTML tags or special or hidden word processing tags (such as macros, tab/ruler bars or comments)
6 . USE double spacing
7. USE either: 1) 12 pt New Times Roman, 12pt Courier, or 12 pt Georgia Fonts ONLY!
8 . USE tabbed paragraph indents (but not more than 5 spaces)
9 . USE a cover page with story title, pen name (if any), real name, address, email, word count, payment preference, and a short bio
10 . USE italics and bold face (or other internal formatting) in the body of your manuscript
11. USE a subject line with the following format for your email submission: Type: Title (example: Fiction: "The Longest Day") (Do not place any other information in the subject line!) In the body of the email, please provide: a) title of the story, b) author name, and c) mailing address.

*Except for headings, lists, etc.

Fiction. The Dark Krypt is looking for original, unpublished fiction up to 7,500 words (anything longer, please equery). No simultaneous submissions, please! We accept 3-6 manuscripts per issue. Email submissions only. Email is responded to usually within six to eight weeks of receipt. Provide an attachment in either MS Word 2002 (or lower) or WordPerfect 11 (or lower). We no longer accept .rtf or ASCII files due to formatting difficulties; however, a writer with special needs may contact the editor for permission to remit in this format.

Poetry. The Dark Krypt is looking for original, unpublished poetry up to 100 lines (anything longer, please equery). We accept 3-6 poems per issue. Email submission only. Please have the poem as an attachment in either MicroSoft Word (up to 2002), or WordPerfect (up to 11). Poetry pasted into the body of the email WILL BE IGNORED AND DELETED. Please include a cover sheet with your real name, preferred pen name (if any), address, payment preferences, and a short bio. Email is responded to usually within six to eight weeks of receipt.

Art. The Dark Krypt is looking for original, unpublished dark art to compliment its content. No size limit. We size to fit. We accept varying quantities of artwork in either gif or jpg formats. Please attach large artwork in a zip file to the email, otherwise just attach. Please include your real name, address, payment preferences, and a short bio. Email is responded to usually within six to eight weeks of receipt.

Nonfiction. The Dark Krypt is looking for original, unpublished nonfiction articles up to 3,000 words with a slant toward the darker side of writing (anything longer, please equery). We also accept basic nonfiction so long as it is related to writing and compliments our concept. If you have an idea for a series or column, please equery first. Example ideas might be ghost hunting, hauntings, dreams, nightmares, fiction, poetry, or writing fundamentals. Interviews and book reviews are welcome. We accept varying quantities of articles per issue. Email submissions only. Email is responded to usually within six to eight weeks of receipt. Provide an attachment in either MS Word 2002 (or lower) or WordPerfect 11 (or lower). Please include your real name, any preferred pen name, address, payment preference, and a short bio with your file. Email is responded to usually within six to eight weeks of receipt. You may use this as a guide for all nonfiction work. Please take a look at book review pages for our layout and content requirements (generally an article title, your name, the book title, author, publisher, places where the book is available, number of pages, the year the book was published, a jpg or gif of the front cover of the book, and any relevant urls).

Payment Policy. The Dark Krypt pays as follows (rates effective Jan 1, 2006):

Short Fiction: $25.00
Nonfiction: $15.00
Artwork: $10.00
Poetry: $5.00

All payments to contributors are made sixty (60) days AFTER publication is completed and generally within the thirty (30) day period following. As part of the remittance one (1) contributor's copy of the emagazine will be made available for download in PDF format. The Dark Krypt remits payment through PayPal; however a contributor may choose to be paid by check within the United States. No check issued to a contributor should be held longer than thirty (30) days after receipt. Holding a check longer than the recommended time is done so at the contributor's own risk. Remittance to contributors outside the United States are made through PayPal (preferable), or cashier's check, or a cash payment (at their own risk). Questions regarding this policy should be directed to C.L. Carnley. The Dark Krypt reserves the right to change its policy without prior notice.

Annual Halloween Short Story Writing Contest: Each year The Dark Krypt will hold a short story competition. Submission are accepted from August 26th to Midnight on August 25th. For details, please read the competition guidelines here. The guidelines are subject to change without notice, so please check the page often throughout the year. To view results of earlier years, click here.

eBooks. The Dark Krypt accept ebooks of any length composed of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or art, so long as they are free to the public and meet the specifications as discussed above under General. For further information on ebooks, please contact CL Carnley.

General Instructions for submitting ebooks: Zip the eBook (and all its relevant jpgs, gifs, cover art, etc) and email same to CL Carnley. Include in the body of email, the title, real name and contact information, and a short synopsis of the eBook (which will appear next to the eBook on the download page). Available formats are: PDF, MS Reader, and ExeBook. The Dark Krypt distributes these for free and no fees will be assessed to its contributing authors or its readers.

Special Note to Existing or Potential Package Sponsors, Advertisers, and Non-Anonymous Sponsors: If interested in advertising or sponsoring The Dark Krypt, please click the "About Us" button on the bar, and choose "Advertising;" this will initiate a download of the eMedia Kit. PDF eBook editions of The Dark Krypt may be downloaded from the ebooks page. To receive the free key, please send an email with the computer ID (shown in the pop up window when you open the edition) and full name. For advertisers, please include the company name, if applicable. Within 24 hours you will receive the free key.



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