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Lucy Le Blanc *Content Warning (983 Words) working story

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Default Lucy Le Blanc *Content Warning (983 Words) working story

Lucy buckled down and started masturbating in the bedroom of her apartment, fingering herself with her two fingers; the middle and index until the climax was reached letting out a moan in satisfaction finishing her sexual discovery. She headed for the bathroom and did the job using the toilet as she felt the need to pee and get her face cleansed.

“Calm the fuck down,”

She told herself while with a towel on her face, scrubbing the pores and other dirt she had on her.

“Your late for work ok, that’s ok.”

It was morning in Italy. The city of Roma was lit with sunlight rising throughout the hold. Giving the beautiful sunny Italian weather ‘estate’ it brought.

“Porco dio! I’m so late!”


“Today I got to be as normal as I can be that’s no problem.” said in her consciousness

She quickly ran down the stairs in her apartment, her landlord giving the finger and cussing in Italian while flighting those stairs below the historical buildings of the Italian interior. Villa’s and wine were present here as all of Italy in the first place. But Lucy was from France yet they felt similar but different with culture that was dominant with the language. Region wise.

“Mio soldi!” Io bisogno e! Vado!”

“You’ll have it my friend! Just wait!” barked Lucy as she went down the stairs reaching the door to the outside.

Her job as a reception clerk was easy, she had the skill to communicate and receive feedback from the customers through their words. Sometimes in Italy it was hard to talk to people. They don’t like to be patient and want things done now and will throw gestures of the f word or walk out of the store with no opportunity to shop anymore leaving you with zero business. In Rome it was a tough place to live, people being assholes and arrogant with the ideology that this was the greatest city in existence. This was Italy in the highest order. During the holy roman empire, it was centered around that wine and tobacco use were the two most important entities of their land. Not to exclude their historical buildings. Lucy spoke calmly and was patient with people in the department. The long line up though in the store was unsettling and growing problematic, some gente were cutting through the line and that made Lucy overly angry she pounded her fist and directed them to the back of the line.

“Scusi, back of line ok?

“Make us signora!

“Back of the line!”


“No? GO BACK OF THE LINE! Look at all these people go Back of the LINE!”

The manager came over and shifted over to follow with her boss, going off into his office at the back of the store. Throwing a fit of rage, she was 45 years old she couldn’t be acting like this yet she was on the verge of being fired if she wasn’t going to stop. Pestering like a little girl in a tantrum she was weird though but that didn’t let that prevent her from feeling however she felt inside.

“Your fired,”


“Excuse me?”

“It’s my rage isn’t it?”

“Yes and maybe it’s best that you deal with your usual er- tendencies,”

“I don’t care, it’s not my faul- “

“Save it! I don’t want to hear your excuses, ciao!”


“And another thing... that yellow dress of yours wasn’t even appropriate for this job, too distracting for the customers.”

“Ciao,” replied Lucy

She added as walked out from the store

“I am from France I don’t have to wear like you Italians, green or some Gucci- Versace garment!”

“Well know your policies here then signora,”

“I am from France!!!!! I don’t have to,”

The cobblestones she walked on were back on her feet with each step in the bustling Roma city, reading the streets that were written on the walls of the buildings, she seemed relived that at least here it felt similar to her eyes that it reminded her of France, Paris, and whatever means to be living the lifestyle of an Italian-French. Though she gave a look to her former job and saw mannequins over the window panel of the shop. Her fetish was imminent because she loved mannequins the smooth, porcelain, dreamy, looking things that were bedaubed in white plastic. Posing just for her or anyone that see’s. She never thought she could get a real man maybe being a reality tv-show host would be an excuse to wear provocative clothing for any man who is lost in her eyes like a tiger to its prey.

This the land of designer clothes and wine. They got something for everyone anyway. She made an excuse to snatch it which was a female mannequin like she was identifying herself that she claimed to be a lesbian. But in her mind she didn’t care what mannequin she wanted, she just wanted her fix. Heading through the employee’s only door Lucy Le Blanc went over when she intended her manager to asked why she was here still coming through the back of the store and acting like she was still working here. Her excuse was she left something in the store and went over to fetch it. She glanced at her former manager and checked if he wasn’t looking. Taking it she went over outside and passing by the onlookers noticing her mannequin that she just grabbed from the retail store. She got questioned by the police and directed their attention to the thing that she had cradled in her arm. When they pulled over

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