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Untitled story (Chapter 1) 1103 words

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Default Untitled story (Chapter 1) 1103 words

Chapter 1

Within those centuries of unspeakable war, the circle of the arcane was left forever more in ruins. From the convexity of destruction as the entire city itself was destroyed by orcs but were long gone since the past. In the world of shire there came a young orc and imp. One of the names Gro’yan and the other Leech bind. Returning to where his father was during the great savage, Gro’yar perished from vengeance of the succubus (which were called by their tongue by the orc’s) they were responsible for obtaining arcane power relying on their earth oracle to vanquish their enemies. They glanced at a room over numerous broken sheds of quarters and rooms to practice magic what was familiar though was the study hall where the once beast-like human with bird qualities (wings, a peak, etc.) where there was once a devious plot to experiment humans with animals and leave them to suffer a most excruciating curse.

But they hadn’t gone in there... not yet and not aware of its significance if so. Turning towards a room by a cupboard that was knocked over showed a crack on the wall to a passage. Lit with torches below the staircases descending to where it mysteriously leads. It’s path uncertain but that didn’t pester them both looking at it’s odd whereabouts. ‘Why and where does this lead to?’ They thought. The least Gro’yan could do before going to a place benign was take some piece of weaponry, something to aid him in case whatever is down there will kill or even hurt him or Leechbind. Though weapons, relics of the century of the savage laid there rusted and blanketed with dust in the floors of the room and outside. Even fights happen in rooms, beds you name it. Obtaining his weapon, Leechbind went along with him into the passages. He grabbed a pike and held it tightly, trudging carefully down the stairs. Into the unknown. Cobwebs were present on the corners of the wall when spiraling down the stairs. The smell of coal and turd filled their noses as they came down. An odor strong enough to make you faint in its stench. These two were not amused or concerned about it regardless. It was then reaching into the caves after the stairs departed into a dark cavernous passage. Wherever this was, it was unexpected for the two. Leechbind scurried off with its tiny wings up the stairs as it wasn’t exactly the type to shift into its reaches.

“Where are you going?” asked Gro’yan

The caves were silent, still, unilluminated, not something Gro’yan envisioned when coming down here. It looked like the further you go the more you felt like running right back to the staircase. Exactly what Leechbind did. And now what to do? Gro’yan decided to bravely go deeper inside the caves. Spoils perhaps? Like his father would probably have wanted him to encourage in the initiative to do so. Likewise, it was the caves that set him to seek something. Just like his father did. More oracle properties. More of everything. He looked ready, seemed ready. Can be ready for anything that emerges in front of him in those shadows of the cave. ‘The Caves of Age’ Gro’yar took a torch and went. Leechbind wasn’t coming back anytime soon and so walking but not recklessly yet cautiously as it wasn’t going to be his funeral in the long run. With his pike he shuffled through the dark paths of the cave, he transitioned from age and grew up in the process as he came walking in its abyss. It was said in the caves of age if you stayed long you could feel it’s growth over you with each mile you stepped over. Inside Gro’yan had seen something in the wake of becoming the man he was, muscles bulging, chest puffed out, greener skin, he was a brute orc. But inside he saw a monster in the distance, it was faint in its path of light as he came over but dark at the same time ahead. A figure in the core of the passage was there. A serpent but a hybrid, a tiger! was this what the mages had left there in the time of the savage centuries ago? Looked like what he found was its keeper of the new oracle or who knows? What it’s there for or what the mages put it there for in the first place. Gro’yan gripped his pike a bit tighter and ran towards the creature. The halls of the oracle below were full of necromancer’s raving in the darkness below with lights planted as stone as beacons. This tiger serpent came slithering towards him as he charged at its presence. He leaped up into the air and plunged his pike right at its scales to the torso of its slim shape. The creature wailed and shook its tail interrupting the rave of the confused necromancers. Disappearing to do their dirty oracle work. Although the Dj kept his composure and continued to play strange dark-electro music while Gro’yan and the tiger started fighting. Using a turntable and a miniature staff as a needle to hold the record which was made from iron. With the help of oracle magic it supplied the sound in which was being played with the record, the practitioner of turntables flicked his hands and back and forth he went with it. Getting louder with each battle.

“What is that sound? Damnit!” barked Gro’yan

It raged on in the cave, the serpent was growling whipping its tail at the orc and plunged him to the bottom of the edge of the cave. He tried to buoy himself upon the edge of the path until he had the moment to lever himself back up. He took his leg and got up to fight the serpent again. But turned to dust after he recovered his footing on the other leg.

“What happened?”

The practitioner of the turntable finished his session and prophesied a way into the reaches of the cave but with full attention when reaching the passages for another time.

“We do not use brute force here in the caves of age orc! Try again and bravely enter the caves... the rest of it… if you dare!” went the Dj

He opened another path as the path crumbled arranging into a staircase above.

“Care to see more?” asked the Dj


“You’ve got a hunger for something haven’t you?”

“What’s it to you?”

“You’ve interrupted my rave orc! We work tirelessly you know!”

“For what?”

“Come along now..”

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