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a question about flash, 1500 words

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Default a question about flash, 1500 words

is this piece flash? I can't decide, it doesn't really have an end, just an end to the things as they exist at the time.

what are your thoughts?

As you begin a new school year, in a new town, you have to judge all your new classmates and school mates; put them into the proper hole if you will. Or at least the ones you think you might hang out with or a more pressing hole to fill is the ones you need to avoid at all cost.

Normally this is a relatively easy process, in the world, in general, people project (if they have a choice) what they want you to think about them; from the wealthy to the biker.

In high school it’s the same only magnified to the nth degree. I don’t have a problem with this in any way; I’m a weak spineless geek who knows that ‘someday’ I will be better off, than ninety-five percent of the people I will meet in high school. I will have more money, be the owner and head of several prestigious psychologist offices, have a book deal with several more on the table, have a loving husband, I think three children, and have a generally better life.

Unfortunately, that will not be for twenty or more years. Meantime I suffer through the mindless pranks, lonely hours, boring clique members, unsuitable admirers and am generally ostracized.
I can live with it.

I’ll hide in my books, keep my nose to the grindstone and do my best to facilitate my day in the sun.

My subject of study most of my life, has been my identical twin sister Luna. She’s not as well-adjusted as I. She is smart but nowhere near as close to the genus stage; as I am. She a little heavy just like me and still she tries out for cheerleader every time she gets a chance. I personally believe she suffers from second child syndrome although she is forty-five minutes older than me.

Until she blooms, if she blooms, she is going to have a very rough time. However, it does seem she has a much better social life than I do. But she likes people.

It’s easy to put my sister in a hole. She’s a want-to-be. She will always want more than she has. Some call it maximizing what you have. Is that a good trait or a bad one? In her case I’d say it’s a bad one. If she were fortunate enough to make the cheer leading squad – she would immediately want to be head cheerleader.

Now I’m not going to bore you with the placement of many of the other students that are going to be in my high school sophomore class, there are the preverbal jocks that are going on to the major leagues. However, most of them will pique their junior or senior year of high school or college and go on to sell cars or go to work in the cheese factory, reliving their game days with several of their old teammates on a daily basis.

The pretty ornament girls, you know the ones – ‘If I’m pretty enough and cute enough and easy enough – people will just give me money.’ It is an unfortunate fact that they are correct.

The vast majority of the students fit in a very large hole I call Loserville. They don’t want to be here, they just wish it was all over so they could go to work at the cheese factory, get a pay check and buy a new skateboard or motorcycle or hotrod car. These are the ones that the ornament girls, that don’t quite make the grade, will marry or live with. See I told you. They found someone to take care of them – maybe not in the way they would like to become accustom but…

Of course they are the academics, from which we get our teachers, business people, doctors (ME), and civic leaders.

You’ll notice I didn’t talk about the druggies, until they want to be sober then they are just not players in my book.

The ones I like the best are the wild cards. The ones that cannot be put in a hole; it’s like just when you think you have then ready to put in their proper hole they spread their arms and legs and won’t go in. I love it. It’s going to be the subject of my doctorate and my first best-selling book. I intend to choose a subject, from the wild card group to study this year.

Over the next week I placed everyone I could in their proper hole. It was difficult to choose which of the ones remaining I would study.

The final list of twelve wild card names has five names that stand out and I have different reasons for wanting to study each one. I decided to study them all.

My sister had ‘possible cheerleader’ practice the next Friday morning before school and dad took her leaving me and Mom at the breakfast table alone. Yes we still have breakfast at the table as well as dinner. I wonder if I am going to be able to connect to the real world being raised in this 50s family.

“Sarah, have you found a subject for your study this year?”

My Mom is very supportive of my activities. But we just keep it between us. She says most people wouldn’t understand. “Yes I’m going to watch five people and whichever one looks like they would be a good book, that’s the one I’ll follow more closely.”

“I see, so people have become more complex and you’re having trouble ‘putting them in their hole’ as you say.”

“Not really. But I think there are more people that it isn’t apparent which hole they fit as I am exposed to larger groups.”

“Maybe, but the rules we established still apply. What is the number one rule?”

It times like this that I’m sure I have placed Mom and Dad in the right hole. They live in Loserville, admittedly on the edge of Loserville but none the less that is where they live. Mom is a RN (and hasn’t found a job in our new hometown) and she says she likes the work very much. To me it’s a cop out. Why doesn’t she go on to school and become a doctor? Dad works at a bank, he’s vice president of loans, he got the job over the net and that is why we moved here. Even if he becomes president of the bank and get a huge salary --- well it just seems a very narrow view of the world.
She made me recite back to her the first and main rule along with the rest of the rules.

“Number one, they cannot be dangerous.” This rule stems from an encounter with a sixth grader. He found the notes I had on him and he was very angry. He ran me down with his bicycle and then stomped on my arm, broke it in two places. As it turned out it wasn’t his first offence and he now in state custody.

“Number two,” almost as important as number one. “Keep your notes in a safe place.”
There are others rules but they are not of the same consequence.

Saturday afternoon I was sitting on the front porch trying to decide where on my wild card list I was going to start. After a lot of thought I pulled out my notebook and found the name --- Harold Wadlow.

I put the ‘!’ by Harold’s name in a sort of code. I use the upper case part of the number bar thus ‘!’ is one. I made the entry ‘subject one’. Monday I’ll start. I’m really looking forward to the project.

My thoughts were shattered when the loud motor cycle pulled into the drive next door. The guy on it revved it a couple of times and then shut it off.

He was dismounting when our new overly friendly and intrusive neighbor came running out to meet him. She hugged him and he picked her up swinging her around. When he sat her back on the ground she saw me and waved me over while she dragged the guy over my way. “Sarah, this is my son Randle.”

I felt my heart go pitter patter and my mind saying get in the house right now Sarah. She continued, “He a sophomore this year.”

I looked up at the well over six foot man and his not so scraggly beard as he took off his sunglasses “Nice to meet you Sarah.”

Pitter-patter ‘get in the house SARAH.’

“It’s nice to meet you too.” I felt I should say more. “I didn’t think the college was close enough to come home for the weekend.”

He smiled, “I’m still in high school.”

Pitter-patter, I said the first thing that popped into my mind and it didn’t really apply “I have to go in the house now.”

As I closed the door behind me I yelled but it came out more like whimper “MOM! Something TERRIBLE has happened.”

if you care to share which 'hole' did you fit into in high school? a conversation along this line would help me with the story.

Max Crash

if you're writing over your readers head - tum etiam, ut graece scribens --- the secret of success changes;the truth of failure remains constant; if you try to please everyone you will fail.

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I didn't get to have a hole. It made life kind of lonely.
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Default max crash

I felt like I was reading an essay. At the end I couldn't find a hole to jump into, not sure what it makes me -- a hole in one, maybe??? Actually there are parts which could be made into flash fiction, like a piece on the sister or the neighbor, I don't know, only a thought, miki
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