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The Life of Danny Allister (639 words)

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Default The Life of Danny Allister (639 words)

September 11, 2005

After befriending a friend of mine, today looked like it was going to be brand new school year at this new local high school that I just enrolled with my mom. Paid a fee and got in, no issues ensued. Seemed like my days at this school or at least I wondered to my eyes was going to be easy or hoping it would be in the better sense. You see I was this grade 9 boy coming to this school with the instinct of making friends everybody wanted to make friends whenever they were at a new school. It’s human nature, something to be pursued. I wanted lots of friends and lots of good memories here just liked everyone else. Middle school was averagely boring and not a drop of risk-takers or anyone trying to web some sort of dominance over who was the popular one or who was the one that was going to make a living hell out of your life. Maybe even the rest of it, for sure coming here especially on the first day is alright, sadly not for me. Bullied and name-called constantly, a bombardment of words throwing over and over in circles like cars in a roundabout in a European country. For someone like me, I was only a 'niner' you wouldn’t think that someone so uppity and full of great perseverance and a great personality like me would get into such adversity. I was only a kid, as well as them. They stood around there leaning against the wall and being pricks like they are and I’m honest about what I say when I say that.

They were the wannabe hip-hop heads or rap kids with baggy pants and classic IPod wearer’s (circa 2000) which I’d admit was pretty sick that they still rock those things. surprisingly. Walking the halls one day I suddenly felt inadequate feeling like I was never going to stand out from the endless eternal crowd that I was facing when trudging through the halls of the school. Some kids just talked for a brief moment and went to their lockers and bickered about how they preferred one emo band over another or ran late to class forgetting they left something in their locker. It was brutal, I had a scuffle with one kid who told me I supposedly was talking shit to him behind his back. The rumors caught on that I was some sort of shit talker or something like that, a massive one. Seems that was how things were run here. Accosted or just interrogated like it was the end of your life that you did something so horrendous. Ok, I get it.

One time this kid got so mad that he punched me right in the face for real because I was talking so much shit, enough I got that I know that you think I was talking shit, doesn’t give you that right to attack me. In 2006 was the year it happened I was alright with it. I went over to the teachers and told them about it. Yeah, it was done with.

“Danny Allister, You’re free to go back to class,” said one of the counselors

“Thanks miss,” I replied

I still remembered those words ‘You want more! You want more!’ I literally wanted to hurt this kid for his constant harassment over a ludicrous thing. I’m doing nothing to you, man.

When I came to grips with my lack of friends due to scuffles with another teenager, I heard an announcement one day and they told me about clubs specifically about one called a ‘Humanitarian’ I was excited because this was my chance to make friends and at the same time do some altruism for once. I was more than glad to do so, and why not?

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