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The Love Train (458 words) (Based on a dream, some of it)

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Default The Love Train (458 words) (Based on a dream, some of it)

“They call me Massallah, but I preferred to be called Shadow ‘The Shroud King’.”

Lost in the city, Massallah moved from one section to the other and focus his attention to other people asking where in Allah was he? Clearly he could not speak English, he was in a place called Canada, specifically in a city called Mississauga. Ending up in the Subways and busy people along the way, he hailed from the middle east and had no idea how he got here, he remembered something but decided to a blur afterwards. He saw the subway rolling towards the tracks in front of him. People deserted him and left to head inside the subway carts. His English was on the pinnacle’s of awful truly and to really make things matters worse. He just rolled out from school that was all he could remember.
“What place could be,” spoke Massallah in his broken English

He slipped inside the carts of the subway without noticing it’s bizarre hieroglyph’s written above the interiors of the written ad’s stapled on the train. The roaring of the turns and chugs the subway made when he sat down there. Two friends of his came up to him but he had no idea who they were and acquainted him in favourable manner to a friend. Like any friend would.

“Massallah, ho!” went Else

Mallallah asked intimidated “Hi? Do… you know where am?”

“Don’t know?”


“You’ll love it; it was your favourate place in the world.”

“I don’t understand,”

The train came to a grinding halt, Massallah looked around from behind his view and saw the train coming to a place where there were palm trees and temple’s shaped like hearts.

“This no joke, where I am?!” exclaimed Massallah

The people became a blur to his eyes and the door automatically opened itself, all of them did, as Massallah came reaching outside to the large glass window panels to where he was stationed.

“Love? Is this- hearts just springing up in place here.”

“You know, the love world, we just rode on the love train.”


Else gave a hand over another shoulder next to her

“Zackery, you’re familiar with him too right?”

“Hi Massslah,”

“Get me back to middle east, please, shukram,”

“Masslah you know that you speak perfect English right?”

“TELL ME WHERE AM!!!!!!!” he yelled

The world went spiraling into a world of streets covered in stones and London-style buildings above and among his peripheral vision, the artificial love of people was too good to be true and his life was not like there’s but an interruption of locking lips caught on her thoughts. Letting go of his lips to her.

“We were just kissing, thank god,” assured Massallah to his girlfriend.

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Some of your ideas are good, especially for a sexually neutral audience. if you were to 'continue having dreams' and mixing them together, you could make a puzzle of dreams that all link up to real world events?
!! Vat hom Frikie! !!
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Maybe I'll think about it.
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