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Now Connecting Arizona....Missed

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Old 03-04-2014, 09:43 AM
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Default Now Connecting Arizona....Missed

First post!

So I got stuck at the airport last night. I missed my flight and the only other one was in the morning (14hrs). At first I decided I'd just get a hotel, but then I thought I'd rather use that cash to buy new sneakers. I love sneakers. I decided I was gonna have some fun. I played a game via Snapchat where my friends would call something out and I'd have to find it at the airport. That was fun for about 10min. Then I got bored and lonely. I scoped out the airport bars......not much going on there. I guess I was gonna sleep there and just browse the web.

I wondered if I had any friends in Phoenix. I couldn't think of anyone. Naturally the next course of action is to blast on Facebook. Hoping I would find someone to at least have a drink with. That's when Adam M. messaged me.

He said he'd show me around a little bit and we could grab a drink. I immediately said yes.

Now, Milky (awesome nickname) and I were never that close of friends. I knew him from 10th grade Chemistry class. Maybe a casual "Hey" or "What's up?", but never anything more than that. I hadn't seen the guy in several years and to tell you the truth, he probably never crossed my mind. Not that he was a bad guy, just we never had any sort of relationship/friendship.

This guy shows up in 15min. My hero arrived in a blue Prius. Not much of a chick magnet. As I got into the car and we got passed the initial "Hello, how have you been?", I started to realize something. This guy was pretty cool. Like really cool. As different as his ambitions and experiences were from mine, there was this inexplicable connection.

We hit the bar. College town central. One shot.............a beer.........some pool....awww man we should eat something. Greek food sounds good. That waitress is pretty cute. Wait, you're into poetry? You like Bukowski? No? Oh, you don't like free form. That's cool. Is there a club around here? I'm definitely down to dance.

We hit the club and the conversation continues. He expresses his admiration for my post high school life. He thinks it's cool that I didn't follow the same route other people did and that he's confident that I'm way ahead of the majority. Little does he know that I feel the same way about his life. He's incredibly passionate about his studies in organ growth. Did any of you guys know that they're working on that? Growing a fucking kidney! That's insane. We continue sharing experiences and conversing about our ideas on what this all means (life).

We figured it out.

In our slightly inebriated state, we came to the conclusion that the pursuit of happiness lies in the abolishment of judgement towards yourself and others. Having a preconceived notion about something/someone destroys the very thing that makes one happy. Discovery is the key.

Children have it. A child is always in a state of happiness. Sure they cry and can feel sadness, but a child never gives up on its hopes and dreams. A child doesn't know the word "can't", because a child is still discovering. They only question and listen, never judge.

As we get older, we forget that. No.....not forget......we become afraid. Afraid that if I admit ignorance that that guy over there is gonna judge me to be stupid. Why would he do that? He does it because he's just like me, he doesn't have the answers, but it makes him feel better to think that I know less.

The scariest thing in the world is the unknown.

The most wonderful feeling in the world is discovering the unknown.

All you have to do is take that first step. It's a big step and quite frankly some people will never make steps like that. Sure they'll be forced to sometimes, but they are always gonna limit themselves and never fully realize their true potential and amazingness (yea, it's a word).

So that was my night. I missed my flight, but I made an amazing friend. And it all started with two strangers willing to confront the unknown. Unafraid of any consequences. Valiantly blazing through the metropolitan desert that is Phoenix in a light blue late 2000's Toyota Prius. Simply enjoying their existence and willing to be wrong so that they can discover.

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Old 03-14-2014, 03:31 AM
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Wow, great first post! I said amen in my head a few times while reading. I've been working on not judging others for some time now, since I was about 40, well I guess that's a pretty long time now. It's a work in progress for me. You are correct when I let go of being afraid to "look" a certain way to others I felt free and in turn wanted them to feel that by my welcoming them without judgement. Makes for happy interactions, life is good.

Your adventure and lesson learned is written to enjoy, came right into my heart, thanks for sharing this great evening of discovery with us, a very insightful discovery.
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