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The System Security Class From Hell

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Old 04-29-2014, 06:57 AM
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Default The System Security Class From Hell

Yesterday I took my final Exam at Oakland Community College and needless to say, I think it was a very unpleasant one to say the least.

The reason for thinking this is because all of the advantages I enjoyed in my first three computer classes were non-existent in this one.

In the first three classes we were allowed to use our book and notes on the exams. In fact, my first professor (Mr. Othman) told the class that all of this technical information is so extensive, that there is no way you can memorize it all on your own. He even said that he had some experience in the technical field and that it was common for people to turn to their notes and use the internet to find solutions to computer problems if they couldn't figure it out themselves.

Personally, I considered Mr. Othman's advice very rock solid and my next two professors did too considering that they used the same concepts for their classes.

But sadly common sense did not reign supreme with Mr. Clarke (Professor number 4)

Instead of allowing us take our exams online like my first three professors did, he had us do it all by hand (100 multiple choice questions on a Scantron followed by ten pages worth of short essay questions) It was so taxing, not even a 20oz cherry coke could keep me from getting exhausted. I even crashed my face on the table for a few seconds near the end.

Another thing Mr. Clarke did was to have us get a text book (Counter Hack Reloaded) that he himself said that we shouldn't be reading because it contained too much information about how to be a hacker.

I later learned from one of my classmates that he was told by the higher ups of the college not to issue the book, but he did anyway because he liked it.

I also considered him to be a bit of a hypocrite because one time he said memorization is not learning and yet he had us rely solely on memorization when it came to the exams.

Lastly, I think Mr. Clarke ignored some very noble concepts.

1. Work smarter not harder.

2. Learn like you work and work like you learn. Similar to the military concept of fight like you train and train like you fight.

3. Never take on a task without all of your tools.

I don't know what my grade is yet but if I do go under, I will stand tall knowing that I got the truth on my side in this case.

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Old 05-07-2014, 03:16 AM
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I can relate well to this we are celebrating my daughters graduation Saturday, she will be walking. There have been many disappointments right up to this last week. Very anticlimax as a rule. I won't go into to detail but she often expected more from her professors. Over the extended years it took for her to get her degree we, I say we cause it feels like we, experienced injustice, inequality, unfairness and even some cruelty. We have concluded she could be a much better professor than many of hers but to walk in those shoes may bring more insight. We come down to they are people and people are disappointing each one of us. I think she will for the time being stay with Forensics maybe someday entertain teaching.

Your last line is an excellent way to handle life in general. I enjoyed this read very much, Writingfan, I wish you happiness and success in all your endeavors, those exams are a bitch!
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