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Goin' with a gut feeling

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Old 03-07-2014, 01:46 PM
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Default Goin' with a gut feeling

For me the cost of buying a pizza is a big deal.
(Darn economy)
So when (unoften) I do it I got the process down.
Same place.
Same pie.
Same price.

Standing in the "Take Out" space at the counter.

"Good Evening, Sir. Would you like to order
something to go?"
(The bunch here tends to be very attentive
to the customer)

Yes- a California Veggie.
(I am showing him the item on the menu-
sometimes my accent is misunderstood)

"Yes, Sir. Would you like Goat Cheese
on that?"
(It's a dollar and fifty nine cent

No, thank you.

"Allright. And would you like something for dessert?"
(Here the eyes are opened wide at me.
Not quite clear on the selling point
strategy of such a move)

(I am staying cheery voiced)

"Okay. And would you like something
to drink while you wait?"
(Maybe he has seen the book in my hand
and knows how thirsty reading can make
a man)

I'm good I say.

"Fine. Would you like to pay now?"

This is new.
This is the seventh pizza I have had
here over the last two years and this guy
is the first to ask that.
And I like him for it.
When my warm box is brought it will
be thanks and bye.

So I say Yes.

Yes I would like that.

I pay.

I sit and write something. (I don't
know poetry from prose from prattle
anymore- maybe never did- but I write
when it starts comin' through)

All sorts of people activity around me.
More employees than customers at
this time of day.
(Yeah- like I didn't time this visit not
to be during a food rush)

Soon enough a guy who can speak Creole
as a first language sets a cardboard box
on the lower counter just in front of me
and walks off.

Now I figure this is my order but once-
long ago and far away- I made a mistake
about a baked potato that I asked be
heated a little longer.

The waitress was busy elsewhere
and when a potato (all by itself) was
put in the cook to help window. I
went behind the counter to get it.

Ooops- not mine it turned out.
So I learn by mistakes rather than
make bad habits.

I'm lookin' around for my guy.

Hey- he's right behind me goin' up a step ladder
to change channels on one of the three televisions
that are chattering away within five feet
of us.

And he is yakkin' with another got nothin'
else to do on the clock guy who is standin'
by him.
(Probably the ladder safety guy)

At a conversation breathing spot (they both
were lookin' at the picture at the same time)
I ask if that might be my order on the counter.

He looks down at me, at it, and says
"Might be"
then returns to fiddlin' with the controls.
(Maybe the remote was accidentally baked?)

Of course I ain't gonna reach, check
the contents etc.- you know why.

But I could get up and simply walk

Nope- if I did that my stomach
would never forgive me.

And even though it ain't the brains of this
outfit I have learned that no matter
how tasty pride is in
my mouth it is always hard to swallow.

So I wait.

He finishes fine tuning the patron
comfort media and (after looking under
the lid) gives me my grub with a

I grin back and show my back as I
get gone.

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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Veggi pizza? Sigh, my suspension of disbelief has just suffered a broken spring.
A Wise Dragon Goeth Not Unarmed in the Land of the Make Believers.
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You have a nice sense of humor in your writing, Nick Pierce, casual, light, real not forced. Great title as well, good conversational piece. You are a patient person as well. My sensitive nature would have been put off by the "Might Be" but perhaps you are of peer age, I probably wouldn't be.
Coincidence, I walked out of a restaurant back in the day because of a baked potato, after I ate the steak
"now I float away like honey in the sun"
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