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rose garden

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Default rose garden

We were never promised rose gardens

I guess you could say my life hit an all-time low in December of 2014. I was arrested on Christmas day for sexual assault of a female student in my tenth grade biology class.

It was March second before I was released from jail. The D A finally realized she didn’t have a case. The girl was lying and it had become apparent to everyone except the D A in January. But she would not let it go until the girl recanted her statement. It took two more weeks for the courts to let me go. The D A, I think would have kept me in jail for the rest of my life if she could have – just so she wouldn’t have TO ADMIT TO A MISTAKE.

My wife had already filed for divorce while I was in jail, because of the accusations. We were having trouble anyway and I think she just used it as an excuse.

My 55,000 a year job was gone and I had no possibility of ever being hired as a biology teacher or any other kind of teacher ever again – even though I had done nothing wrong – I was still tainted and that is just the way it is.

I, with the help of my lawyer successfully sued my wife for joint custody of our two sons. I get them in the summer and we alternate holidays, she gets them one Christmas and I get them the next. She and her lawyer tried everything to get my arrest record into the case. The judge was smart enough to not allow the information to be admitted.

It was the first part of May that I was as asked to attend a hearing between the city D A and an insurance agent of the city.

My lawyer told me that he believed that my lawsuit against the city was going to be the topic. He was correct.

The D A tried everything she could think of over the next two weeks to get me to just sign the release documents saying I didn’t think the city had acted improperly. She even tried to start a media campaign against me – but there was no story and it fizzled quickly.

The result of all this mess was a settlement of 4.6 mil. My lawyer told me that it was the most the city was insured to pay without a court trial. By this time I was sick of the entire deal and just wanted done with it.

When the papers were signed and the deal was done the D A came up to me and said she was sorry that she hadn’t done a better job. I asked if that meant she wanted to put an innocent man in jail. She didn’t answer the question. She did say she should have done a lot more investigating before she arrested me and then none of this would have happened. She added that at least it was over and I could go back to my life. I told her a little loudly that if that was what she thought was going to happen then she had better do a little investigating into what my life was now and my prospects for the future.

She just walked away. I need to say that I never really had a problem with her. She jumped the gun and destroyed my life without thinking but; I think she may have some issues with the nature of the case on a personal level.

That night I couldn’t sleep, my hotel room was small and the words I had said to the D A were ringing in my head. It was the truth and I had absolutely no possibility of continuing as a teacher. I decided to leave the state of Pennsylvania and start over. I had some money but it wasn’t much, my lawyer was a friend and he only took 33 percent of the money. There were also the taxes and so I was left with just over 1.8 mill; grant you a tidy sum but it’s not 4.6 mil.
The next morning my lawyer called and said he was very surprised but the school board wanted to have a meeting with us in the law offices of their lawyers. I asked what about and he said. “Remember I sued everyone that could have possibility contributed to this mess and I suspect they want to settle now that the city has.” I was surprised, “What could they have to settle. It was just normal business wasn’t it?” He then suggested that we wait a couple of days so he could see what was happening. I just told him to go for it.

The meeting took place a week later after we found out that – well the young lady was – it was not the first time she had falsely accused someone of sexual assault. And the school knew it.
I was offered a glowing letter of introduction and given the names of several friends of the board that would give me a job – just not in Pennsylvania. In addition they would pay me for the duration of my contract which is five years. We took a break and my lawyer told me in private that he believed it was the best I was going to get. It was a quick and dirty deal that was going to work for everyone concerned. I asked him how much he was going to charge me. He told me 7500 dollars because of the investigation and several hours of his time.

When we went back to the meeting I agreed to the terms adding that they had to pay my lawyer fees of ten grand. They went for the deal.

Now I thought that was it and so did my lawyer but, well I had a few things to do before I left town and that will take several days once I decide to leave.
I was at a little café’ eating a burger when again the D A walked over, she asked if she could sit. I had no reason to not let her sit as I have said before I don’t really hold her doing her job against her. It was just her jumping the gun, self-serving, can’t-be-wrong attitude that I had a problem with. I motioned for her to sit and she did.

It took her a while to get around to what she wanted and it was to again apologize. This time I think she was sincere. I offered her a coffee when the waiter came over and she accepted – I was very surprised. I tried to make small talk and she wasn’t answering. The waiter brought the coffee and left. I looked her in the eye and there was a tear. I asked what was wrong. She said “How can you just let it go, aren’t you mad?”

I smiled, “at what, I didn’t do anything wrong.” She actually started to cry, “I did. I got a little crazy. I wanted you to be guilty so bad.” I pushed the napkins over her way and she thanked me. I needed to comfort her in some way; this was done. It is what it is and that’s all.
I told her not to worry about it and just do better next time. She said very flatly –“There will not be a next time I’ve been disbarred.” I was shocked, “I’m sorry.” She smiled, “I’m the one who should be sorry. I destroyed your life and I didn’t understand that until I was disbarred. And my life was destroyed.” We sat quietly after that and soon we said a wish-I-could-have-done-this-sooner good-bye.

The next day I went back to the same café – take this any way you want but I was looking for Miss Hanks; the use-to-be D A. She was on my mind and hell, I guess I have become fond of her for some reason. She is also trying to get through something I have already gone through. Maybe I can help.
To my surprise she was there, I was the one that walked up to her table this time and smiled. “Are things better today?” she smiled up at me, “hard to tell.” I asked if she wanted to talk and she told me no. I could see in her eyes that she was hurting. I smiled, “I’ve just been through something like what you’re going through. While my advice may not be sage I can tell you my experiences.” She smiled and I added, “If you think it’ll help.”

She told me her troubles were of her own doing and I just asked again if she wanted to talk or if I should take another table. She asked me to stay.

Well the story was the same as mine in many ways; her fiancée had left her because she was so fanatic about my trial. She had no income and no hope for another job as a lawyer in this state. I paid for her meal.

We met for a meal about three in the afternoon for the next week before I got around to asking her out to dinner the next evening. Strange I know but I told you I wasn’t really holding a grudge. While I didn’t care much for her as a D A; I do like, Candace, the lady inside.
I was ready to leave the city before I became involved with her, if that is what we are, involved. Now I’m not so sure.

We went to dinner that night at a very nice place. It was a mistake; a very big mistake. She called me the next morning about seven and franticly asked me if I had read the morning paper. I told her as somewhat of a joke that I usually read the after ten o’clock paper.
I put on my pants and walked to the front office to get a paper. I didn’t have to open it. There on the front page was a picture of us having dinner. The caption read, “Did these two take the city for a ride.”

I was done with this mess. That afternoon my lawyer called and asked if I would meet with Mr. French. I couldn’t understand why I would want to meet with the father, I assumed, of the girl that had caused all this trouble. my lawyer told me it was a good idea and so I made the appointment for three that afternoon so I could close out this whole chapter of my life.

Mr. French had a proposal for me and it was something I could very easily live with. He offered me a job – not a job at his company but a job not to be at his company. He was in trouble with money and a lawsuit would destroy him and his company. I figured enough people’s lives had been destroyed already. So I made a deal. Mr. French will pay me 10,000 a month that will increase by ten percent a year to 20,000 a month for the last year of our ten year contract. I dropped the suit.

I called Candace and we set a dinner date. I had had enough of the crap. She agreed to dinner. At dinner I told her I was leaving town. She asked where I was going and I told her “all I know is I am going south maybe all the way to Florida.”

She smiled and asked me if I was going to fly or drive. I wasn’t sure, “I think I’ll buy a motorcycle.” She asked if I could ride and I told her I used to when I was in the Army. It was another one of those awkward moments and we just sat for a while before we both started to talk at the same time. I said. “Would you…” Before I stopped and she asked “Would you like company” before she stopped.

The bike is loaded pretty heavy with her on the back.

As far as the bike goes, there was a slight relearning curve. But I think I got it now.

She tells me her father has a very large commercial rose garden in south Florida and a nice vacation house in the Keys.

Maybe we’re headed into a hurricane - maybe we just won’t be there when it hits.
You know - as weird as our coming together was, I think things are going to be ok between us.

is this story plausible? from the man woman stand point. but more from the legal stand point, are the time frames close, are the pay outs plausible, the lawyers fees. never had an experience with anything like this or know anyone who has. Any information even second hand would help.

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Icon8 Rose garden

This plot features the Man vs the System conflict in which the narrator, an educator has been accused of sexual assault and has to tunnel through the system to regain his identity. Shaping like a spiral, the action leaps through barriers set up by the narrator.

Even after all the resoultion, the System intends to destroy the narrator's identity. We see the pattern repeats- conflict: resolution, conflict: conflict, resolution: conflict. The narrator faces job loss, a divorce, and a lawsuit. Things are only getting worse as the plot develops.

But through it all, the lawyer remains sympathetic. She complements the narrator's stance- there is a definite tone through out the plot which places control back into the narrator's hand. We see the characters react to stabilize things.

I really enjoyed the metaphor of the rose garden. To improve, give us another anecdote on a rose garden. You only give us a little in this draft. Develop it into a full extended metaphor. Maybe even return to it a few times during the plot.
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ok, i'll rework it so it has roses all though - yeah, good call - give me a day or two.

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