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I get so self-centered

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Old 05-05-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by CandraH View Post
Religion just isn't my thing.
God knows it ain't mine either.

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Old 05-13-2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
dry humor- kinda makes you wanta spit dust, huh?
laughed- good~ maybe I'm startin' to get the hang of this writing thing
short series- uhh, that would be this life I'm livin'

Welcome to the Beat, Samantha.
Well, thanks! Write more in that style, and I will certainly be reading it!
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Nick Pierce (05-13-2013)
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what's god folk to you? Jw. It's a little bizarre to think about.
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Old 07-24-2018, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
No- not the New Age, inner balanced (well, actually it is old age- ancient age- times gone by age- pre his... NICK!
wha'- oh, sorry)

Orderin' fries and a cheeseburger, guy ringin' me up, I'm lookin' at this scar on the top of his right wrist.
Looks like an aerial view of dried up streams in the desert.

I gotta ask.

I ask.

Dog bite.

His dog (Lab, Chow, Pit Bull mix).

One Hundred and Two stitches.

I'm seein' it four months post nip.

Asks if I wanna see the picture (says everyone wants to see the picture).

3D is always good enough for me but what the hell- it's his story.

I look.

I saw the face of the Miami Cannibal victim.
This ain't like that.
No blue eye lookin' at ya from the ravaged red flesh.

So I ask how long it took. The clamp time.
Figured it was quick but seemed long.


"Ten to twelve minutes".

He had to break the dog's spine (that broke his life).

Then he had to pry the jaws open.
Only had one useable hand (I asked about this).

He said yeah- I used my foot for opposite purchase (No, that ain't how he phrased it. Twenty somethings don't talk like that. I'm just tryin' to be clear.).

I ask if he had shoes on (Detail huntin' ghoul, ain't I? Hey, it's Florida. Land of the flip flop.).

He had real shoes on.

I told him my 'gator head story (I wrote about this) so he would get why I asked about toes and teeth.

He dug that.

Burn scars- the difference between chemical and fire.
I seen that.

Bullet scars- 9mm and .38 look similar.
Ain't seen a .45.
Hear they are rare on folks that are breathin'.

Knife scars- I got a couple. No big visual deal.

Now dog scars- looks rough.

Thinkin' I'm gonna buy one of those clip it on your belt, cigarette pack size electric stun boxes (no- not a projectile launching taser- this has two nubs that dance electric blue light between them).

Bounty Hunter I know says "Three seconds- bad guy lets go
six seconds- bad guy drops to the deck
ten seconds- bad guy fills his pants"
(real world data is priceless, eh?).

But it ain't bad guys got me concerned.
This is about dogs.
Dogs and poolmen (I been bit twice- a third time ain't got no charm).

So if an unexpected (people have visitors, mistakes happen) Rottweiler comes snarling, charging, bounding my way (unchaperoned) I figure the polite thing to do is blow his nose for him.

Clear his sinuses.

Yeah- I think he's tired.
Looks like he's sleeping.


Now that you mention it his fur does look kinda spikey.
Is that some sorta gel they use at the Puppy Pamper Palace?

Hey, I had forgotten about this guy. Only saw him the once.
So now I am movin' the piece to where I can reread it a few times before it drops away.

Yeah, yeah - go ahead and pillory me for bringin' it up if you feel the need.

And one more thing - if you choose to get a "stun box" DO NOT carry it in the back pocket of your jeans unless you wanna demonstrate how quickly a human can jump out of a chair.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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Old 07-27-2018, 12:12 AM
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Yeah - that would get you hopping about like the guy I saw trying to get a lit 100-pack of firecrackers out of his back pocket.

Well, maybe not quite as much, but it'd be with a quickness.

Speaking of self-centeredness, this was one of JustcallmeEd's first forays into the internet forum world, back when he was just a greenhorn. Looking at the posts now, it doesn't seem so obvious, but he said at the time he felt like a real stupid-fuck.

I like to think the old boy got a little more of a handle on it before he passed away. I know he taught me a few things.
Mr. Ed said I should use his signature, since he's not anymore. In honor of his good friend Nok, here it is: "As far as smoking a cigar," she said, "I'd not know where to start or how to start." "It's simple," said I, "You light one end and chew on the other and hope to meet in the middle."
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