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Spunki's big movie! 1700+ basic movie script.

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Default Spunki's big movie! 1700+ basic movie script.

First we begin with Brett learning to play the witch board with some older people. He smirks as he dreams of what he could do with this edge in life.
Brett goes back to his room and plays it alone. Then he draws an eight on the board and asks if te devil likes it, but the devil says no. Then the witch board no longer works for brett.

Brett older now taking acid dreaming of being some sort of demon or whatever he thinks he is goes around buying friends with his luxurious job. They notice this and think that something is wrong with him. He takes to a girl that seems like a muted voice yet very influential in the group. They decide to split up for a night and Brett follows her. Then he buys her drugs and she thinks she will indulge. Brett conjures all sorts of illusions for her, but she seems distant unknowing to Brett she id decoding what he is telling her. Desperate for more popularity and status Brett turns on the cutest things he can think of to keep her interest. Then he asks if she thinks he is gay, and she says no why would she think that? Eventually he feels as if he is having a heart attack or something and she looks worried as he stops his 'chatter'. Then she asks a question about the sweet he is sucking and she asks what it it like. Brett and Nicole have a moment of innocence, and Brett lurches forwards to see what is wrong with Nicole because she looks as if she is in a trance of some sort. Then Nicole sees a male too close to her for comfort and screws up her eyes offensively. Then Brett slouches back into a sitting position and thinks of how great his body is and, worryingly, about how attractive he is. Then he looks at her in anger and social dismissal and flaps his hands twice in a aggresive yet clearly gay way.

The scene changes and Brett hears people speaking about him, people he doesn't know all saying he has sex with men and gets paid for it, that a line of cocaine will score you a time with the hunky body of his. This is all around and Brett thinks he is having a nightmare but decides that it is better than having people joke about your lines!

Then Nicole tells all her friends that Brett said he was gay to come onto her and then they all distance themselves from him for a while, as this is very our of character, except for people that hardly know Brett. Brett realises that he cannot rely on personal opinions and the evidence is that he was trying to betray trust in a filthy way.

Now Nicole's boyfriend Simon knows these drug dealers and Brett becomes aware of that all of a sudden. His whole outlook on life changes and he tramps on the joy he once felt, embracing this social escape as a figment come true.

When he gets home he falls to his knees and tries to force himself to cry, looking for sympathy fro mhis mother. While he is psyching himself up he pretends to hear the devil talking to him and says something about an escape for him. The voice never says what it means, but Brett is about ready to commit suicide as nothing is worse than social mockery to someone that is that proud. Then Brett lies on his fouton and turns on the telly to see what is happening. He sees a program called satanism and likes what he sees, as he always loved the darkness. The only thing he recognises is a bunch of colourful demons dancing on the ceiling of the church. Later that night, still messed up on drugs, he watches Titanic and tries to say he is the guy with the money, the bad guy, and anything but the fool.

The next day he wakes up to go to work. While at work he cooks up a plan to decieve everybody. He decides to become gay! Then he knows he has to convince people and spread rumors from himself to make it look as if he is gay. That night he contacts Devon who he knows is gay. Then he decides that he will say he is in love with Craig and hints that he has unreal feelings for Craig to Devon. Devon, who is gay and not buying this bullshit, hestitates and says he is happy to hear that coming from Brett, who thinks his plan is working.

Then that Friday night he contacts Andre, who is also gay, but Brett doesn't know. He takes acid with Andre and tries to have a dark time with him, but Andre shakes it off all the time, waking up repeatedly from Brett's illusions that he conjures on people that trust him. Andre eventually blantantly say he gets it, Brett is gay and in love with Craig! He just wants to know why so decodes Brett on certain questions and comments.

The next night Brett is reeling closer to Craig by going to one of the coolest people, to get rid of this drug dealer idea and get close to the red car that is going around from someone that hates him, also to gain trust to get Alan thrown away like 'garbage' for how nasty he is. Simon has heard about all this bullshit from Devon and Andre and guess what? Simon is gay too! He entertains Brett for a while, always looking for light. Then Simon asks to be excused and phone some people to tell them to come fetch this shit and get it out his house! Simon returns to Brett and patronises him relentlessly.
Then Brett goes down the suburban streets and starts fantasising about having people fucked up and that he now owns the streets because he has Simon 'on his side'. Everything that Brett seems to do now feels cold, false and filthy with lust for buying people and looking cheap and flash.
Then Monday night Brett tells Craig that he is in love with him. Craig doesn;t believe he just heard that and says yes he believes him. Then Craig tries to distance himself from Brett quite a bit as he is scared of how serious this joke is going.

Now Brett has weaved a wicked dream for Friday night, that he will reduce Craig to a lump of tears in front of his friends to get the attention off of him. He thinks of himself as on the way out and also wants to see if he meant something to Craig after all their years fo friendship, and convinces himself that that is reality, even though he knows it is not, as if someone says they care about who gives them christmas cards.

Now all the characters, heavily on acid, are having a worrying time at the Gallery. Brett has taken over a chair up stairs and there are no other chairs nearby. Craig keeps telling him to snap out of it, and eventually snaps at Brett trying to offer him a massage. Brett is routed and Craig walks away. Craig feels humanity creep in on him and lo! Craig is reduced to tears kneeling to a wall. Brett is hardly aware of what is going on but sees his dream come true! Now is his chance to paint a satanic print and he skips along to Craig to see his love for him. He looks Craig in the eyes and then skips back to the chair, convinced of victory.

Then later that year the mockery increases slowly as people lose more and more faith in Brett. They decide to uninvite him to a regular get together and Brett decides that it is time for plan b! He hitches a ride into a gay area and cries wolf over and over again. They don't budge and he staggers into a gay club. All the while his work colleauges have been noticing this and intercepting phone calls from Gavin to see where the 'money man' is. He tells them about what is doing and this filters through to the company owner. They decide, being gay, that this is brilliant! They decide to follow him to the gay club, lurking in the shadows, and get the dj to play music to see what it is Brett wants. Reading the body language they see all he wants is popularity first and fore most, and that being gay will make him more popular. Then they don't know what to say, so they hire a bunch of male hookers to see if he likes being gay. Brett plays along, and he is willing, but not wanting, except for the image of being a male prostitute, which apparently makes him even more popular!

Then the fireworks start, as the rich people think this is funny and entertaining. They start to play hectic music and all the people that know approach him, seeing if he is going to wake up and realise he is now in the middle of something that is organised. Brett comes to his senses and staggers through the melee towards a place to sit down. He sits there playing possum, smirking all the while at the hidden messages that he hears in the music about him being gay, then it changes to him being stright, then back again. Brett cannot get enough of this and then the 'bosses' see him adding his own filthy tone to the party, it seems to be as if he is a 'demon servant' of people he speaks to, always going one step further to keep attention on himself, but as an extra to the conversations. He also likes to smirk when people seem to be day dreaming, thinking he is more aware than anyone else. They all notice that he likes to throw money around, having so much of it, and that he likes to say yes a lot.

Brett goes home and goes through an uneventful week. Craig has told him to sod off, and Brett realises his new life, buying people for a good time. He doesn't know what else to do, and the rich people freak when they see him going back to the same club. Then they get serious and have him picked up by a older man who asks for sex discreetly. Brett jumps out the car and keeps walking, this doesn't seem to be popular at all!

Then brett meets a vagrant in the club, and kisses him, trying to convince everyone that may be watching, and apparently there are a lot of them, that he is indeed bisexual. He realises that he is doing it for the attnetion of women, but doesn't ever stop aiming for men. Then this guy called Steve approaches him and they 'knock it off'. Brett accompanies Steve to his car knowing where this is going...

Yikes! Steve has a Alfa Romeo! Brett falls in love.... Brett immediately starts pumping the system and Steve plays along, knowing that Brett is really image oriented. They arrive back at Steve's flat and Steve goes to clean up leaving Brett in the lounge. Brett, frantic to keep this one, splays himself on the double seater couch, as seductive, yet naughty as he can manage, changing poses several times. Brett suspects this is a porn movie and that there are cameras hidden around there for some reason and doesn't even hesitate. Then Steve enters the lounge and likes what he sees! He jumps Brett and they make out big time. Then Steve closes his eyes while loving Brett and asks God why Brett is not Gay? Brett doesn't give two fucks and just sees the stardom, small, yet satisfactory.

Brett and Steve begin a jorney of role playing, with Brett taking the role of a master and Steve the role of a slave. Brett likes to tease Steve, who he feels nothing for other than making a good movie and being popular with the ladies, and does things like stand naked in front of the fridge where Steve can see him and open the top half, exposing just his penis so that Steve can 'sneak a peek'. Brett loves making coffe for Steve, and this role reversal often happens when they are in the flat and Brett feels comfortable. When they go out together they smell good and Steve goes for this cheap flash look that Brett strives for. Metal slates on boots, shiny clothing, all goes severly towards being some sort of person that is attractive? Brett thinks so!
Eventually Brett suspects where the camera is and begins masturbating in front of it, going all in on the worst that could happen. Brett's old friends freak out and contact the rich people and decide to throw him a party he will never forget - 'Naughty but nice'.

Brett and Steve arrive at the party and Brett is tripped by people on either side of him as he walks in the door. Then the people he knew that have seen these videos all cheer and laugh at the show they got to watch. Brett then stomps to the toilet to wash his hands and meets some more fans in the toilet. Brett is so gone on shock that he walks out the door again, embarrassed as hell. Then he looks to the side and sees the way to the upper levels of the club. As he walks towards these steps Craig walks past him and sniffs, also stiff with fear of someone he thought he knew. Brett of course nearly falls over and scampers up the steps with Steve.

Once they are at the top a projector is playing something, Brett is not sure what, but there is genuine noise coming from the hectic atmosphere. Then about ten minutes later the people start chanting "pill slut" over and over again. Brett is messed up on drugs so just sits out of the way with Steve and listens, looking over the balcony to the projector seeing the bouncy ball thing that just keeps the chat going.

Eventually the music stops and people implore him to fix his life up, all the people he knew, and forget about this nonsense. Brett thinks about it and decides to play stupid, demaning more love. Then the music switches to heavy metal mixed with a bass line of hard house, and the messages become blatantly satanic and expose him as the 'nasty' person he is. He staggers out of there and heads to the flat with Steve where he feels his 'spine' is gone, as he cannot do anything as if he were a person that actually took a side, had an opinion or had any fire at all. Then he breaks up with Steve on the beach, drinking milkshake they watch the sun go down and the tone becomes very soft as Brett tells Steve he no longer wants to see him.

The old people are happy this has come to an end, and the movie ends with them clinking thier galsses together, happy that they helped someone that needed it, hoping Brett can get on with his life.

!! Going to my destruction... !!
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