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the ass of an angel in the clouds

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Default the ass of an angel in the clouds

It's a translation from french that's why the rimes are not respected (sorry).

The ass of an angel in the clouds

And I am there my ass sits on the beach
My empty mind like a first white page
My mouth opened my eyes in clouds
Looking at waves dying on the sand

They have same indolence as my heart
With the thought of the great vacuum of our lives
In consideration of all these blames
Whose gods pronounced the opinion

I asked Jéhovah
Jesus-Christ & Buddha
Mahomet & Lucifer
Dante who rests in the hells
If you don't believe me
Ask the rabbi, he was there

Requesting for a help with all my forces
Allah exits the water blowing like a walrus
It was large, beautiful, hairy and bearded
It says to me of a tired and exhausted tone

Which unconscious disturb me during the soccer
Just when Ali was going to mark a goal
I was terrorized I did not dare more to speak
If you do not believe me ask Jesus, he was there

I stammered my fear of our useless lives
Me I believed that only a god knew the truth
It howled, how you disturbed me for that?
he threw himself into the water as a volatile ether

I asked Jéhovah
Jesus-Christ & Buddha
Mahomet & Lucifer
Hitler who wanders in the hells
If you don't believe me
Ask the abbot, he was there

Jesus, who was there, born off a stone
Said to me, I speak for god the father
Yfig you are not a good Christian
You are only one good-for-nothing who has faith of nothing

I saw from his eyes pass a flash
My punishment eternal was clear
I was going to roast like Ravachol in hell
My hands my feet chained by irons

A crab which observed us without noise
transforms itself with the favour of the rain
In monster (horned) horrible and hairy
Who made only one mouthful of the Baby Jesus

I asked Jéhovah
Jesus-Christ & Buddha
Mahomet & Lucifer
My dog which pisses to the hells
If you do not believe me
Ask the imam, he was there

Of an undulating green alga
Appeared the face the Virgin Mary
She weared a transparent nuisette
Musky perfume from hullabaloo

She interlaced me with her evanescents arms
Its eyes shone like diamonds
Her lips rubicondes and greedy
Welded to my brigand mouth

And then the love made the remainder
What shocked the archangels
When I was on a small cloud, an angel
Her, appeased, languished under the vault of heaven

I asked Jéhovah
Jesus-Christ & Buddha
Mahomet & Lucifer
Villon who wait in the hells
If you do not believe me
Ask Soubirou, she was there

From the confusion of the sand grains
Confucius emerges from its box like a devil
Yfig, you should believe me you must choose your god
Who will protect you and will return to you happy

If you insist to remain oneself atheistic
You will have all the gods against you
To coldly avenged themselves for your no faith
Each one will beat you like a stupid asshole

They will chase you up to the heart of earth
Will goad you with great blows of cautery
They will empty your paunch of its guts
They will let you failing on the straw

I asked Jéhovah
Jesus-Christ & Buddha
Mahomet & Lucifer
Vishnou who fart in the hells
If you do not believe me
Ask the verger, he was there

By lightning and thunder Zeus the Great
Announces, triumphant, sound chorus
Falling from the sky in a white parachute
He falls into the branches of a eucalyptus

Yfig, called me, éructe the god of the gods
In a speech which wants to be concise
Me, dismayed, ose to hardly stammer
That the inopportune gods make me shit

He takes his yatagan out of his scabbard
And in an august and divine gesture
He decapitates a thousand heads of parigots
Who were passing on the beach playing the octavin

I forgot Jéhovah
Jesus-Christ and Buddha
Mahomet, Lucifer
And Voltaire who jerk off in the hells
If you do not trust me
It doesn't matter you believe but without me

Yfig (2007)

ανθρωποζ εγενου χαι το δυστυχεζ βιου εχειθεν ελαβεζ
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I would love to see the original in French.
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