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Emoji Movie, Evil?

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Old 08-18-2017, 02:19 AM
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Default Emoji Movie, Evil?

OK so I went to watch this last night, my ten year old was actually intrigued because of the negative response in the media.

We watched the trailer at another film and a few days later she mentioned 'Dad I want to see the Emoji film, it's got really bad reviews but I wanna see how bad it really is.'

I then read some of these reviews and over and over the critics displayed there moral indignation in their articles with a degree of intensity which somehow didn't fit with a children's film. Descriptions such as 'insidious evil' I think require a little more controversy... perhaps something which would be said of the exorcist, in the seventies, by a particularly sensitive priest.

So what's the beef? -- well so far as I can tell it follows the same formula you'd expect from an animated children's film, or any zero to hero film for that matter. A likeable character has a humdrum existence and some kind of crises of confidence. -- is singled out for being different, some cataclysmic event causes the group to turn on said character and a series of adventures ensues which unleashes the protagonist's potential.

This potential is then recognised by the group who then accept that being different/flawed/awkward/unique etc etc isn't so bad after all so long as you believe in yourself and have some kind of moral courage or whatever.

So that's the formula, and aside from that the only other crime might be that it lacks a lot of the humour of most other films in this category. For me this is usually what I'm looking for. I'm gonna be in there for an hour and a half, it's unlikely that I'll be heavily engaged or intellectually challenged -- but I want a few chuckles. Admittedly I did get bored.

So why is it evil? Well the film naturally highlights the ubiquity of smartphones and somewhat caustically arranges the human character's lives around their digital interactions with each other. High school kids barely look up from the screen, and whether romantic relationships can be established depends on which emoji you choose to send to your love interest. All the while the most popular apps are threaded throughout the film with the obvious purpose of introducing these products to children.

So, selling apps to kids? -- inculcating them with the same social media obsession as the rest of us before they have the intellectual maturity to resist? Insidious evil... or just another chance for moralisers to jump on their high horse a display their indignation with all the customary social media links carefully arranged at the bottom of each article? Is the Emoji movie simply a reflection of what already is? -- ie: communication is now as digitalised as it is not.

I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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I haven't read any reviews. I've talked to a couple of people who saw it -- the main complaint seemed to be that the premise was lame and that it wasn't very funny or clever. Could be the professional reviewers are over analyzing it. Otherwise, I can't imagine that it could indoctrinate kids beyond what they see and experience every day.

I'll see it when you can stream it. I ain't gonna spend $12.00 a head for movie tickets -- unless I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth it.
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Old 08-19-2017, 02:57 PM
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That's a good point re: links to their social media. I knew this person who would tell people off for performing a particular action as evil, but when she performed the same action she somehow cleansed it of all its evil, like she was Jeebus.

So say if one of her best friends or a close family member downloaded a movie from the inter web she would be all like, "you fucking rotten cunt of a motherfucker, you sick and twisted pervert, you have now single handedly destroyed the film industry".

Yet, behind her, she has hundreds of re-writable discs with downloaded movies on them. And her family member or friend would be all like, "what the fuck?". And she would be all like, "well when I do it, I do this that and the other making it right".
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