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anna leapt from the hovering prototype and manoeuvred herself swiftly back through the wine cellar vaults. She was jostled by the weak minded misfits and plebs, there were many familiar faces, the underestimated, survivors, all kindred deviant planet dwellers. Up she clambered through the sweaty rippling mirth of her immediate clan family, relief, the siblings were operatives in the field and had been successful in the repatriation of their mother back into Earth’s invisible underbelly. A risky business, many disappeared without trace. Clinical electrodes stuck fast glistened to be itched and wrenched off within their mother’s coral hair sheen, the petite form edged through the human wave to embrace the observer of things positioned discreetly at the far end of the bar - one of her sons returned him the funky key fob and sidled away to his waiting pint. She perched quietly in the moment concealing a residual terror.

flea studied a hand held device ‘glad you made it back then’ he muttered without movement ... ‘sticky one - discovered operating within a backwater platform, jamming the place with random data - position yet to be determined but they’re working on it anna, trapped within a remote cyber quadrant decades back from here, remarkable really, their communications are pretty frantic, take a look, kid.’ - hullo sauce - she wrote, deleted. anna wrestled with the instinctive drive to play it kind, that vulnerable side of her nature lay bare - it was this essence or the lack of it which had abruptly divided the species into two diverging life forms, she glanced across at a murky table, nimble minds working diligently to retrieve sentient life from superstate cyber incarceration ... she thought about that selection message, the invitation to attend a betterment evaluation, compelling rhetoric indeed for earth-life review procedures.

- sees ya beesauce x -

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