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Default Book excerpt

I started off chapter fourteen with a letter from the General of the revolution to one of his subordinate commanders. It's written in a much more formal style than the dialogue. It describes the low point of the war for the good guys. Enjoy!
Sir Amon Kitimer, Cavalier
Brigadier General and Commander, Second New Phoenix Army Corps

Hello my good friend. It is my suspicion, and also my fervent hope, that this correspondence finds you healthy and well, marshaling forces to our noble cause. This is my fifth attempt at writing this letter. It seems that the more dire the circumstances we are facing, the less capable I am of describing them to you. Let me now just speak plainly to you what news I have from around the Phoenix Colonies.

Eivom is among several cities across the peninsula that is lost. A full division came through the Dakisdagin pass as we anticipated, and has left full Cohorts at every town along the way. I’ve heard reports that Brigadier General Nesac Booliu may have engaged them along the way, but I do not know his status or whereabouts. Of that division, two full Cohorts arrived in Eivom to engage Brigadier General Soni Lidomark and First Group. They were holding their ground until enemy reinforcements arrived.

The other Karakithaani Division did not land in Alfred as we originally guessed. They landed in Panacea, which fell quickly. All of Brigadier General Coul Quinn’s men were still in Meridian, which is where they were defeated.

The remaining Cohorts of that Division marched north to Jarenton, which brings me to the saddest news I have to report to you. Starkey Chon has betrayed us to the Karakithaanis, and I hear tell that he orchestrated such a massacre in Jarenton that the town is no more; its citizens all murdered, its buildings all razed, and I fear all of the volunteers I entrusted to him are passed on. His betrayal is unlike anything I have experienced since discovering the corruption sewn by Archduke Faubus in my former homeland. In retrospect, I think my gravest error was in not heeding the advice of Lieutenant General Spanner Tenganden, who recommended that we release Chon from our service early on. Yet the responsibility falls squarely on my shoulders, and I believe history will make me answer for it.

Brigadier General Lidomark was holding off her attackers in Eivom until the second wave of Cohorts arrived from the west. Her forces were overwhelmed, but the remnants of First Group are now scattered about the countryside fighting Veakhto.

Such is the status of our Army, good sir. We number approximately two platoons and will be marching north to rendezvous with the remnants of First Group to disrupt any attempts by General Grimalky to march south. I implore you to make best speed in preparing your volunteers to meet the threat that will surely try to meet you.

The one ray of light I can shed on my report is that we have managed to secure a wartime alliance with the several tribes of the Tibugaeden Elves. If you have any of their number among you, consider sending them to represent you to the tribes pledged to help us. It now falls upon you to coordinate the defense of the only part of the colonies not yet under Grimalky’s control. Do not consider a march north until the spring. Instead, marshal your defenses there. If anyone is to deploy across this wilderness in the winter, let it be the enemy. I will send correspondence again in the spring to let you know how we fare. Our circumstances may be dire, but our cause is just. Whatever tragedies or setbacks are presented to us, my belief remains firm that victory will ultimately be ours.

Mother speed you, my friend.
Mr. Anadon ElRayess, citizen
Commanding General, Army of New Phoenix
Anadon contemplated that for a second, and then passed judgment on what Spanner was saying to him.
“You’re dumb.”
“Excuse me?”
“For someone who’s lived a gazillion years, you sure do have a lot to learn about romance.”
Spanner crossed his arms incredulously. “Do tell.”
“The way I see it, if I had to live forever, and I knew real happiness wouldn’t come around too often, I’d spend all of my time looking for it.”
“You’ve never mourned a wife.”
“Forever’s a long time to never let a woman tell you she loves you.”

New Elbestran: the First Tale of Spanner, 144,000+ words.
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