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To Meeko,

I know you'll never read this letter Meeko, but I want to take the time and write it anyway. I feel like some words need to be aired out for my sake, and I hope you're watching me type this out despite not being able to read a lick of it.

Do you remember Meeko, that time I was but a child? We never got along back then you and I, those years were filled with scuffles and scratches. Though to be honest it was pretty much my fault you got into a bad mood anyway, I was a pretty dumb kid that didn't know much of anything about you. I've done some mean things to you, and as an adult I regret that heavily.

But that rocky beginning led to a stable friendship as I aged, and you were getting a bit older too. Oh man how the days went by when we finally started to get along. You'd go wherever I went and you came when I called you. It felt as if it could never end, could it? The days where you'd nap beside me, or that one Halloween where you got scared at my mom who was wearing a cat costume. Oh and the times when I'd be working on the computer and you'd jump right on the desk and lay down on the keyboard, begging for rubs. Yeah, those were the days.

I can't say I remember how long its been since you've left us, only that it's been over two years now since that god awful summer day. Since second grade you've been with me, and our family, and I had hoped to God I wouldn't be there when the day came to say good-bye to you. But you don't always get what you want I suppose.

I miss you Meeko, you were the best damn cat I've ever had. Wherever you are, I just hope there's a big ball of your favorite catnip there for you to enjoy.

With all my heart, Passim.
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