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I'm sorry I don't write anymore, that is how its been here. But really, the reason I avoid you is because I think we don't have much in common; you speak of the coolest this and that and, about the things you did to who and how last night. I think you are a manwhore and that your jokes are nothing but a defence against the little insecure you within, and I know I shouldn't be thinking that of you. But don't get me wrong, you, will always be my friend, after all:
"You got my back" remember? when you said that and then forgot to ask me how I was for the next 4 months? Still, it was a good run, the gyms and the growing up: there were smiles, there were laughs, that was why we hung out, then- I guess- that is why we don't hang out- now: We're all grown up, see? We don't 'need' eachother anymore.. I would only 'cramp your style', and you would only make me look like one of your duff duffs: and I don't play. Thank you for your years, and helping me gain confidence at that time.Thank you for hanging out with me when I had nothing visibly to offer. Thank you for making me feel like friends existed. I know, you said I should get my license? Yeah, it would have been nice. But it is funny how you seem to only hang out with people with licenses or houses and, once again, I am not a duff duff and I will not become a statistic...So I will not be sending this, and I am not sorry about that.

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