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Default Question about writing this type of serial rapist character.

Sorry if this comes off as offensive. I don't mean to be, I am just writing a controversial story and would like some advice, if that is okay.

It's about a female serial rapist who is going around kidnapping and raping male victims, which the police are investigating. I asked some readers opinions about it, and they said that the found the rapes unrealistic or unconvincing, cause rape is about causing pain for the victim, and what she does is, is that she gets her victims erect and then has sex with them.

But that's causing them much pain I was told, and it would be more psychologically plausible, if the rapist were to rape them "from behind', with some sort of device. Cause then it would be causing the victim a lot more pain, and the rape therefore, would be much more plausible and realistic, since that's what rape is about.

I could change it to this, but should I? Would that make it more plausible? It's just the suggestion comes off as kind of like a double standard, that a man cannot be hurt unless he is raped from behind. But should I change it to that, and reader's have a valid point?

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