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random capitalised L for lean

this Jessup might be wierder than he thought

From behind him came a was young.... (Too much in between to register the 'it'reference as his voice...stumbled on both reads.) The voice was young.

what his (now) ex wife was doing... brackets or commas for a smooth read.

Loving this BP. Excellent dialogue and scene setting...great read.

Ideas of where to go from here...

Seems this guy Mitchell doesn't have sufficient pedigree for the position - so his attractiveness is either in a dark past that Kenner can threaten to use against him - or the kid himself selected this tutor because he researched his weaknesses - and his summer sport is to drive Mitchell crazy or destroy his life - or both preferably.

The kid and his father are sadists - Kenner is in on it - he's knowingly indulging his son with a gift that they can both enjoy. Father and son make a jolly wager between them and set up a series of orchestrated events that will culminate in Mitchell not being allowed to see his kids again, work with children again, drive him to drink, provoke him to violence...etc.

All I've got Bri - I'm tired tonight.

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