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Hijab is a religious obligation set out by the Qu'ran.

If you are devout Muslim, then observance of that law is an expression of your faith.

Yeah, sure you have women in the refugee programme who feel constrained or oppressed. They may be trapped in a faith they don't want - enforced by a husband that treats them like a dog or a family that demands compliance for fear of shame being bought upon them.

I've worked in a woman's refuge Myers - I could believe that every British wife is systematically raped and battered if I based my views on one concentrated experience of collective female misery.

In their own cultural setting, women who are not covered are deemed to be available or of no virtue - which puts them in danger. The hijab signifies their purity or unavailablitiy - but regardless, keeps them safe. When I lived as an expat in Saudi, Dubai and Egypt - I covered up. These are not countries that are used to flesh being exposed and the attention you receive is hostile and threatening. In Abidjan, I was trapped by two men and had chunks of my blonde hair cut out for its curative properties. Wore a headscarf after that.

There will be lots of Muslim women who envy the freedoms of the West and want to reject their culture. Many that don't.

I would hope you can appreciate that your jaded views (which aren't founded in any experience or understanding) do nothing but perpetuate the current trend of Muslim hatred .

Lovely to see you stood behind JoeMatt again CandraH - ever convinced whatever comes out of his mouth is pure gold.
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