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I thought it was regular Barbie after washing her hair.

Be careful with your assumptions - you can't generalise that all women wearing the hijab or any of its variations are oppressed or unhappy - it's not the case. Many of the modern Muslim diaspora choose hijab - it's not enforced by either tradition, male oppression or the laws of the land they live in. It's their chosen expression of humility, pride in their culture and spiritual separation from worldly concerns. Some of these women have lucrative careers and every independent advantage we have - they're not at home cowering.

The British Muslim communities are more concerned with pressure from society to NOT dress their heads for fear of being discriminated against in the employment arena or being racially targeted by the profoundly ignorant.

Nobody would think you're "taking the piss" - it's a doll. I hope it plays some part in helping children feel comfortable and indiscriminate against different dress and culture.

You don't need to be a Muslim to play with it - it's just a friggin' Barbie produced by a company that are smart enough to recognise a new market and previously missed revenue stream from a vast population.

All that said - so good to see you CandraH you feisty old mousse. Please put up a link if you're still doing your art - would love to see the latest. x

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