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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
stop beating around the bush and say what's on your mind....

okay, here's what I think.

Do I look like a muslim barbie doll to you? Because thats the only way that avatar would be remotely funny. That I was ripping the piss out of my culture's oppression of females wanting to express their girly femininity with make-up and hair styles without being forced to hide under a veil by their menfolk who're so shocked by the sight of femaleness, they just cant keep their dicks in their pants but wont accept personal responsibility for their lack of self control so instead put it onto their womenfolk because you know, smaller weaker sex etc. I'm not. I'm just some random white chick from Scotland who has my own issues with gender role bullshit to deal with but certainly not that so to any actual muslim females out there, I'd just look like I was ripping the piss out of them in the worst xenophobic kind of way.

So no, not cool or funny in any way. Mostly just myopic and tacky as fuck.
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