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Originally Posted by cg admin View Post
@CandraH - Can you check the links now and let us know if they are still wrong for you?
I just checked and everything is working fine now. Thanks for sorting it.

Though, one further niggle. I decided to check my profile, which is working btw, and tried changing my avatar. I know you guys have a 19.5 kb limit and a 75x75 pixel limit for avatar sizes. I used to get away with slightly bigger files if I kept the dimensions small, or vice versa if I kept the file small, but now, I cant do either. So, I cant update my avatar because if I make the picture dimensions 75 pixels square, the site wont let me use it because its a couple kbs over the limit. Kind of restrictive, and maybe why other people are also having problems? Might be worth raising one of those limits to allow a wider variety of file/image sizes.
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