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Originally Posted by fleamailman View Post
("...can't say that I've seen any film good or bad of late, but I did the first series of "dr who" in black and white recently, and although the special effects were laughable by today's standards, at least the plot pulled me on to the last episode and the whole experience was most nostalgic of my childhood days..." mentioned the goblin happy to see Leila here now, then adding "...summer over, guess we're moving into the writing season now aren't we, funny how that's synonymous the ghost season with me, "just my pen to the rescue" then, nope for like dr who's monsters who always come back in some later series, so do mine too it seems...")

I'll always have a soft spot for the old Dr Who - it was pretty much my favourite programme as a kid. Out of curiosity I tried watching the new one and didn't like it.. They changed the spirit of it too much. Maybe that's just the nostalgia talking but even so ...
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