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Default Music - a very short story.

This is the first work I have posted, so please give me as much advice and as many tips as you can! Thanks for the help!

***I revised this because other's stated that I was lacking some depth. Any comments would be great!

Lyrical talent danced through him day and night. Every noise was a note, every conversation a song. He was constantly composing within, excitement bursting in his chest when he found those beautiful combinations.

Each beat echoed incomplete. He watched his girlfriend walk by his desk, her long dark hair dancing behind her back. As he watched her, the melody in his mind began to ring with minor notes.

He hadn't finished a piece in ten years. It was his passion, but when it came time to write the finale, his pen always clattered to the desk, and he was forced to crumple the pages in disgust. He would lean forward with arms on his desk, staring at his palms, memories and melodies racing through his mind.

He remembered the piece he wrote for her. Each note sparkled and shone with love, creating the piece that was her celebration. It was pure joy, and he could remember her beautiful smile and laughter when he had first put bow to string for her. In his mind's eye, he watched her long dark hair glint in the light while she laughed.

He remembered that they had played his piece at the funeral, and he had watched the sunlight glint off the casket. He had known that beneath the lid lay the amber eyes that had captured him. He felt nothing.

He watched his girlfriend pull a chair up to his desk. He saw her long dark hair fall in front of her face as he turned to look at her, and he stared into her blue eyes. He had never spoken of his loss, but he could see in her eyes that she knew. And she knew what she was to him. He looked down at the pages crumpled on his desk, and he remembered.

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