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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
Epi - I got a good chuckle from your post. We're not a capitalist democracy - The US is supposed to be a representative republic with small flirtations with democracy at State and Local levels.

I either didn't lead the horse close enough to water or the instinct to drink has not yet been imprinted.

A little looking around might see that I'm not a fan of most republicans holding office.
You're honestly going to claim the US isn't supposedly democratic and capitalist? I know, and acknowledged in my first post, that the administration has strayed far enough from democratic ideals to render calling it democratic a joke, but that's more about corruption of the ideal than any claim the US is not supposedly democratic in the first place. The term representative republic is, according to Wikipedia, interchangeable with representative democracy, so chuckle as you like.

As for whether you're a fan of most Republicans - I don't think anyone who's a regular here would consider you anything other than leaning toward republican whether or not you disapprove of certain partisans amongst them.
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