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Default Copyright Notices

First, I know that repetitive posts are disfavored. I am very, very sorry if I already posted the following question. I simply do not remember if I posted this question to this web site, or to another web site, and I do not know what mechanism I can use to ascertain where all of my posts are. I am a technological Neanderthal.

My question:

I like to place copyright notices on my work to protect my interests.

However, I once read that one should not place a copyright notice on one’s work, before one transmits one’s manuscript to prospective agents and publishers, because the mere act of placing a copyright notice on one’s work is seen as crass, or disrespectful or impolitic.

Should I place a copyright notice on work I send to prospective agents or publishers, or should I refrain from doing so.

Thank you for your informed advice.



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