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("...the measures you mention are not meant to deter actual members here, since they're only a slight hindrance at the start of one's posting life on this forum..." started the goblin liking the owl a lot, certainly admiring his writing style too, and yet feeling the need to explain that this forum receives lots of leach linkers and post and run types who have no intention of contributing anything beyond links or ads their books/blogs, saying "...yes, they're the very types whose ineptitude and short sightedness just tells the readers all they really need to know about them, and yet back they come and new ones too, week after week, where these measures are simply there not to stop them, for it doesn't stop them, but instead it just helps other posters here to see what they're dealing with by way of the read all posts button on their username...", in fact, the goblin was never rude to them at all, preferring to show them the short-sightedness of their method while trying to entice them to become more actively involved in the forum since most readers judged an author by the nature of their posts alone, not by any links or ads, adding "...come and share you matched poems on my edit thread in the writer's cafe then, I share your love of illustrating then...")

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