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Originally Posted by Devon View Post
Can you elaborate, please?
All right. The bread crumb method is simply:

You need this many post to have this access

Where as a more direct method is:

Be a member for a week, at least post in all of the section, gain member access

At current, I use paintings with my poems, but found out I needed 10 post to post links. Then I wanted to be a kind guest to someone whom was a normal member whom PMd me, but found out I needed 15 post to reply to normal members. This is the bread crumb method.

I have hosted a few sites before and have been members of a few sites as well. Both whom have used both methods, but the direct method is more simply and easier. Basically you remain a new member until a mod or staff hands you member access, such as viewing profiles, PMing other people other than just staff,etc.

It's only a suggestion mind you. I don't mind either or method. I just find direct less fuss. But I understand the reasons for it. A few bad apples ruined the whole batch.

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