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Default Family Reunion

Marge and Joe were at odds about attending her three day family reunion. Joe liked being around Marge's strange but interesting relatives. Totally different from his quintessentially ordinary family.
"You know who's going to be there," Marge stuttered. "Aunt Rosalie."
"She's one of the reasons it will be fun. At least Aunt Rosalie lives life on her terms and doesn't kowtow to your mother every time she crooks the old finger." Joe liked Rosalie from the first time he met her. She wasn't married but always had a man on her arm. What bugged the rest of the family they could never find out if she slept with any of her guys. Joe figured at 72 she could pretty much go with the spirit.
"Easy for you to say. You don't have to suffer the embarrassment of outsiders asking if we know what she's up to now," Marge protested. It bothered Marge mainly because she had to answer "I don't know". Truth be known Marge being the tiniest bit envious of Aunt Rosalie but wouldn't admit it in a million years.

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