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anna was transfixed by a frameless picture for a plot, she had found it by chance hidden in the back corner of the thrift shop ‘most beautiful’ she murmured ‘many stories there told, why I can see it all played out, it’s a map babe, I’m holding the map from my heart ad in the palm of my hand, I hope they will offer a fair price for the purchase.’ anna gasped ‘a picture can encapsulate a dimension beyond the linear, there I am and there you are too!’ she exclaimed in a message to a boyfriend whilst backing herself into a cabinet for want of a better look. Infinite, she thought stepping forward as the glass behind her wobbled, falling head over heels in-to a world of endless possibilities. anna’s mobile device slipped though her fingertips, how peculiar she mused as the moment swiped at the message she was penning, thumb tips nudging the cursor with an addition of random characters - head became heart - I’ll leave the message just so ... ‘It was a map from the perspective of a heart, yep, was smitten with gazing from that vantage point but in an instant the proprietor intuited its worth and removed the picture from my gaze for auction house valuation - see flea’ anna giggled ‘it is priceless as was the moment, to me.’

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