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repost from elsewhere,

next day and the goblin was still not himself really, nor had been in a while now, where normally without work he would be perturbed by the lack of things to do, perhaps guilty even, not now though, not while his inflamed throat released its weak breath along with all those other annoying aspects of an ex flu, relating "...well at least I'm feeling better off than I did yesterday, where tomorrow no doubt I might feel better than I do now, and then who knows, perhaps by the end of the week me and that old man there will be quite separate once more...", yes the goblin's goal was just that separation then, the separation of alter ego from its containing ego, simply the self that lives in its dailylife under its constraints from the other self that lived freely on the internet as a persona, relating "...naah, anyone who says "all the world's a stage" has never known this online here for what it truly is, for here is a show that never grows old, just personas that can be anything within their anonymity as long as they remain anonymous by it...", then the old man's wrinkled hand trembled towards his awaiting coffeecup, simply the bistro offered him nothing bar his own reality of 24/7, where admittedly those externals that were hardly flattering, which was probably why the muse just butted into the goblin's string of thoughts whispering softly into his ear "...the world is not a stage, in fact dailylife is probably something about as offstage as it comes goblin, so let them keep their dailylife there, for instead you and I can act this out together now, where I come up with those plots for example while you just try to catch them with your words, you see your dailylife there grows older with each passing day doesn't it, whereas this online here is ever as young as your anonymity allows it to be, ready to post on my little goblin, what words have you now...", in fact the goblin didn't say anything by way of reply, instead the bistro just seemed to melt away into the background as the stage seem set for the goblin to weave his words into a rope of temporary escape

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