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repost from elsewhere, chinspinner's "potatoes" thread in the introduction section

which was the very moment the goblin returned to posting from being ill anew, before tossing a few readily cut potatoes into the boiling cauldron of compounded debt between the witches, then adding " I post on against this silence much as I have to live on against my own death I suppose, thus this futility is such that it shows one just who one is when there is no reason to post really and every reason not to post now, the point being that there is no point really, just humanity always goes to war pretending that no such thing is coming now, where the muddle east is not over, it's never over is it, even if syria is now settling into partitioned zones of influence, ah but then the next county looms doesn't it, yet which country will that be I wonder, and to who's advantage too...", and somehow the goblin was reminded of that line where soldiers go then war follows knowing that those soldiers would go to where there was most weakness, sighing " the weak ones then, either lebanon or jordan now..", and the witches no doubt would make their reassurances still, yet the goblin was too old to put much faith into anything that those witches professed as being the news per se, no only that the cauldron of compounded debt was the truth of it, and all that mattered beyond any news coverage, yet there those witches were still, still at it, still saying to one "...speak, demand, we'll answer...", all distractions of course, yet weren't their answers ever the very ones we most wanted to hear from them in our vanity

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