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repost from elsewhere, chatting with flea

By way of coincidence anna observed a chance encounter, the path of strangers collided and a polite inquiry exposed a commonality. The visitors to town disclosed enduring links to a longstanding establishment and quietly traded facets and detail that made for an extraordinary overview, insider depth and knowledge, powerful players displaying differing roles within a context they had mutually shared. This uniqueness of their encounter provoked a rudimentary truth telling, neither now had anything to win or loose. ‘See there is a theory that suggests - to reason - is more a weapon than a truth, that reasoning evolved to win arguments, flea.’ When applied to the linear nature of internet debate the theory made her wonder and wonder by extension to real group-think dynamics, mailable minds polarized in the current climate of post truth, fake news and state news then. The theory suggests that truth is only recognised and presented within reasoning if it betters your position ‘yet get a couple or more strangers together in a real chance encounter and they will likely display no pretense nor malice and the experiences they share and reason over are probably discussed candidly, warmly so.’ anna looked mischievously toward flea’s busyness, he might privately reason that she could not have determined any such truth telling in the encounter. ‘See the thing that linked those strangers so uniquely, unbeknown to them ... also linked me.’

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