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anna and flea , it surely is messed up that this small game is now a comfort after what has happened in the big game, and glad to see at least this thread of games change, as the rest of what i try never feels enough and it always is my best. trapped on all sides, it seems the only way is up, but I refuse and desire only forwards on the ground, slow and steady would always be preferable to having a pedestal. Logic is success

still trying to figure how it works i see now the rainbows. i see now the bars leading up up up. i see that our screens can and do fire off at times of 'distress' or when the next cage should entrap. It's a virus and it's obvious. And no fame should anyone want in a world of madness. I fight madness and wish it had not spotted me and now i just want to be left alone but not alone at all. Surrounded only by those who love and stand up against the darkness. I fear, but what I fear more is silence forever. I want nothing more than for everyone to sit atop their own pedestals without fear and only then will the world be set right, as everyone has talent and no one is lacking, but the world is lacking the talent of a sleeping society

i wish to break free and thus break free the rest. an important mess near impossible, yet a choice of silence and sadness or truth and sadness, I choose truth and fear and hope for the best.

i didnt do it, except...

i dream, you dream, we all do --
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