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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
That's the fantasy -- including getting your hands on the guns and ammo etc. and going through it in your mind. Could be wrong, but think it's unlikely that this kind of person would live it out with a car or truck or a bomb made out of a pressure a cooking pot...
I think this is reasonable. And to be honest I have no real objection to tightening up gun control especially when it comes to weapons which really belong on the battle field.

The point still remains though that some places are incredibly violent despite guns being illegal -- and others perfectly safe despite no ban being in place.

It's kind of like drugs to me. In the Philippines there is this crazy war on drugs leading to mass incarcerations, death sentences, private death squads taking out drug dealers with almost no regulation. It's as extreme a ban as you could conceive, usage remains more or less the same (in fact street prices are falling), and was pretty low to begin with anyway.

Ultimately you have to deal with why people want to do drugs, the method of beating them over the head is just a bandage, not anything like a cure.

The mental health issue argument is an interesting one... more funding etc. Seems like another bandage to me, most if not all of these shooters seem to be already medicated to the hilt.
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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