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Default Hiya everyone

Hi everyone, I've been looking for a place to share my writing - most of my work just piles up in journals and in my notes on my iPhone and came across you guys.

Just a bit about me - I'm number 8 of ten from a very catholic household. There is enough fodder right there to pen a few novels.

I use writing as a way to vent, relax, inspire and create. I have journals from my darkest days when I struggled with my mental health, diaries from the wonderful days as a new mum and then mum of teenage daughters.

Now I use it to express how I feel about most things in my life - there is no one reason why I write what I do, I put pen to paper, or start typing and the words just flow and make their way into something that tells a bit about me.

The death of my mum two years ago was another turning point for me and my writing just flowed - I was lucky enough to travel those final months with her till the end and also be present when she slid from this world onto her next journey. Writing helped me come to terms with her illness and her choices to discontinue treatment.

Words have always been my safe place - I hope to share these with you here and also read your writings.


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