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Default The Cider House Rules

Originally Posted by CandyCane View Post
many film adaptations have made me cry but only even one book, Blaze by Richard Bachman (a psydenom (my spellings so bad the spell checks got nothing) of Stephen King) ive read it multiple times and every one ive got tears running down my face, and now I know what happens I start crying about two chapters before I get to it lol
Well I don't quite get to streaming tears, but I do well up when I know that point is coming when Homer Wells goes outside and shouts, 'Goodnight Fuzzy Stone.' Christ I'm tearing up now just typing that. If you know the book you'll get the reference.

P.S. it's pseudonym. Your spelling isn't bad Candy, it's a fiendishly tricky word that most people have problems with.
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