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Sure, I can touch it up.

To make the author name look "brighter," I darkened the foreground and then blurred it slightly and reduced the contrast so the planks in the dock wouldn't look so busy. All that gave it more contrast with the white type so it would pop more. I made it bigger too.

As long as you can see what needs to be done, this kind of retouching in Photoshop is a matter of selecting an area, running a filter and making a few adjustments. It only takes a few minutes. I might as well do the type too while I'm at it now that I have it set up. No charge and no need for a credit either.

The important thing is that the image is of a sufficient size/resolution. It shouldn't be too large to email -- I'll PM you my address.

P.S. -- If you like the more spacious feel -- I think it would be worth taking a look at reducing the size of the title some on the others. I'm kind of partial to the second myself -- has kind of movie poster feel to it.
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